Gone to Thailand for a while

I mentioned earlier that I was to go to Australia to give training on the CRM software I’m working on.

Well, my client decided to send someone from their local team over. I was happy when I received the email that I didn’t have to go.

Then about an hour later, I received another email saying that I have to go to Bangkok, Thailand, instead. >_>

Anyway, one of my colleagues will be going with me so it’s not so bad this time.

I’ll be flying tomorrow, 25th Sept and will be back on the 28th Sept. I’ll most likely have internet access but I won’t be logging in to FFXI.

how to make big money with wiki software

A wiki is a web application that can be freely edited by anyone. Allowing anyone to freely edit it helps a wiki to grow fast. To grow into a huge knowledge base many people can benefit from.

So how does one make big money with wiki?

Step 1: Setup a FFXI wiki
Step 2: Invite the FFXI community to contribute
Step 3: ???
Step 4: Profit!

This is a true story! The FFXIClopedia admins sold FFXIClopedia to Wikia and earned up to $200,000USD worth of cash and stock options.


"By the way, I recently ran a fundraiser where I put the donations into my personal bank account together with my savings. For some unknown reason, I have about $2300 of donation money missing! OMG! Help!"

Click for a larger view

"No problem. Ask and ye shall receive."

"We are the good guys, we are the good guys~♪ We’ll fill in your missing funds, without any questions asked~♪"

My thoughts? You guys are good guys!

Once again, congratulations on using the FFXI community to earn big money for you!

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Beef Sukiyaki

A friend of mine, whom I’ve met over IRC and one of the poeple who got me into FFXI, Sollanon (his FFXI character name), was celebrating his ORD and invited me over to his house for beef sukiyaki.

Every Singaporean needs to serve National Service (Military service) for about 2 years. ORD (I don’t know what the full word is) is when a person has finished serving NS and is free to continue on with his life.

I don’t have to serve NS because I’m Malaysian. Nya hahaha!

Anyway, on Saturday, we went down with another friend also from IRC and FFXI, Joachim, to the wet market in Little India to buy beef. They had the stall owner slice 7 Kilograms of about 1mm beef! Total cost: SGD$314 (207USD).

This specially prepared soup is where you dip your beef slice to cook it and eat right away. Kept at boiling temperature and we added some udon noodles too.

The raw beef slices! Each plate is 1KG, so yea, there were 7 of these.

Of course, 7KG of beef was not consumed only by the 3 of us. A few other of Sollanon’s friends were invited as well.

I was taught to eat them with raw eggs. You crack a raw egg into a bowl and stir it well. Then you dip your cooked beef into it and then eat it. It was delicious and I felt like I have eaten 1 years worth of beef in 1 day.

[Japan Trip] Hotel reservations done!

I had been worrying for the last few days because the hostel I wanted to make a reservation at got fully booked.

Panicking, I began looking around for another hotel that’s cheap enough and ended up with one that costs twice as much as the hostel, but still cheap enough. The average daily rate for a hotel is around $100~$150SGD (65~98USD). The hostel I was aiming for is around $40SGD (26USD) and this one that I’ve just booked is $80SGD (52USD). Oh well, at least flight tickets and rooms have been secured.

Sky Court Asakusa

Stuff left on my todo list for this trip:
1) Plan places to go for sightseeing.

2) Buy a bigger travel suitcase.

3) Change currency. I think $1200SGD (89,500Y, 790USD) ought to be enough.

4) Apply for visa. 

Did I forget anything?

P.S. Don’t ask me to pack you into my suitcase!

can’t stop thinking

Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about what to do with this remaining time of my life.

When you think about it, life really is short and many things can happen anytime within the next 3 years. Before you know it, you have a child to take care of. Next, your grandchild sits next to you watching TV with you. Then time’s up. (lolhi-speedfastforwarding)

I’ve worked for my current company for 5 years as a web developer. It’s stable and the environment is good. I’ve never thought of switching careers but recently because of the ODEX fiasco, I’ve been thinking of doing something different. Something that matches my real interests: anime.

I’ve been wondering what sort of work I can do that can help me earn a living and at the same time, involves anime and help to improve the anime community. But nothing comes to mind.

Translator? I don’t think it’s a job that can support a family. And you’ll need to be very good at Japanese and English if you want to translate between the 2 languages. The responsibilities are high too. It’s not like fansubs where the group who made a mistake can easily re-encode and release a version 2 with corrected translations.

If you work at a anime distribution company like Singapore’s BlueMax/PohKim/Odex or America’s ADV Films, one mistranslation cannot be undone as hundred thousands of copies of DVDs are already printed and get sold.

Open an anime figurine store? There’s actually already lots of these stores. I sometimes wonder how they survive when their stores seem empty most of the time. One will also need to know where to get their products from and perhaps need a few contacts in Japan to bring in products.

A cafe? It’s not cheap to rent space. I have an idea for one but my idea requires huge space. Again, business knowledge is needed. And I will need lots of money for this, which I don’t.

Yup… still thinking… waiting for that eureka moment…

In the end, I can only slave away at my current place, hoping one day I strike lottery big time (I don’t buy those often though) and my burden will lessen.