that Surrogates movie

Just came back from watching this movie.

If you’re an MMORPG player or Ghost in the Shell fan, you’ll immediately recognize where 2 of the concepts came from.

The part where the blonde chick turned out to be a fat guy, I saw that coming. Ancient MMORPG IRC joke. lol

Reason I watched it is because my friends wanted to watch a movie. They wanted to watch some Hong Kong (HK) movie and I don’t like to watch HK movies unless it’s as epic as Infernal Affairs. And sadly, there hasn’t been any HK movie as good as Infernal Affairs since it’s release until now.

So to make the most out of my money, I requested that we watch Surrogates. And also because I was curious what the whole story and plot would be about.

So since the concept isn’t new, the plot turned out to be something that’s been re-used, the only thing left that made my money worth were the action scenes.