全力全開の麒麟戦, ZenryokuZenkai’s Kirin battle

23rd December was the last event of my sky LS, ZenryokuZenkai. With suggestions from a member, I decided that we have another Kirin battle for that night.

About 19 people turned up. I started to get a little worried. But with Coolio’s assurance that we’ll be ok, we went ahead.

Everyone gathered at Kirin’s room. An LS was fighting them so we had to wait. About an hour later, our turn came but unfortunately, during that one-hour wait, one BLM logged off because he wasn’t feeling well and the other fell asleep. We proceeded with 3 BLMs and a total of only 17 people.

Even with the low number of BLMs, we killed the 4 lesser gods surprisingly smoothly with no deaths. Our plan for the melees create dark and light skillchains (depending on which lesser god was summoned) for our BLMs to magic burst was executed swiftly.

After this initial battle, everyone’s morale went up. One of the JPs said "いい感じ" which means "nice feeling".

We very few deaths and mostly from Kirin’s Astral Flow. Nevertheless, we emerged victorious after a one hour battle.

My shoulders ached but damn it felt good winning in small numbers.

Because of the lack of a THF for his Treasure Hunter 2 job trait, the most expensive item Kirin dropped was just an Orihalcum Ingot. ( T-T)

I can’t help it, just want to brag a little, please forgive me! ( >_<)

Black Mage and BCs

Black Mage level 52.

Up till now, the most boring part of playing BLM is in an EXP PT. And the most fun part is in BC battles.

I’ve went on an Ouryuu BC and Promyvion-Vahzl BC twice with great success, both either to help friends or for my own progress in the Promathia missions and they’ve been the most exciting battles I’ve had since BLM level 1.

That’s all I want to say today. [XD]

No, not quitting DRK, never will… 

evil tarutarus

Helped a Tarutaru friend camp Mysticmaker Profblix at Labyrinth of Onzozo. Just 30 seconds before it popped he was spamming "/panic motion" out of boredom. I was quite far from the others so I didn’t pay much attention.

I think that emote alone caught the attention of 10+ others who were camping it too because I managed to get claim with stun, even outclaimed a red mage. (red mages have fast cast job trait, meaning they have a shorter spell-casting time). Profblix went down easily and Xiaoke got his Moldavite earring!

But my point is, no matter how many times one sees it, it’s just hard to concentrate when there’s a panicking taru in front of you.

I’m going to abuse tarus now when camping NMs. So watch out Vana’Diel!

Exploring Dynamis

Now that I’m level 75, able to equip all my AF2s, have lots of exp buffer (43,999/44,000), I decided I’m ready and that it’s about time I experience a whole new level of excitement. Dynamis.

I went for a NA sponsored free-for-all dynamis once. I miscalculated the time and overslept. But I got to experience 10-20 minutes of Dynamis-Bastok as a level 65 DRK, with 2-3 deaths and we all ran out of time.

Tuufless blogged about Explorer being remade to ExplorerII because the leader is leaving FFXI. I see this as a good chance for me to join in. Then I found out Explorer schedules their runs at 12am and 4am Singapore time. ( ´Д`)

I checked with 2 friends who each belonged to a Dynamis LS whose runs are more friendly to my timezone but they aren’t accepting any new members. ;;

So last night after rushing home from work, I had a quick shower and dinner, levelled my NPC and went to Windurst to AFK there and take a short nap. Woke up at 11.30pm (90 minutes of sleep), made some milk tea [XD] and waited outside the Mog House at Windurst Walls watching all the Explorer members gather.

Then I spotted Lostman, the new leader for ExplorerII. Sent a few tells and waited for him to make me a linkpearl. The majority of the members are Japanese and it appears most of them can speak some English well too.

I noticed there was a gilseller on this run, don’t know who invited him but I’m sure he got booted when the relevant authorities were informed after the run.

So this is my first actual dynamis run: Dynamis-Windurst. I heard it’s difficult and was told to expect at least a wipe. Instead, everything went smoothly with a few minor deaths and we almost ran out of time. Instructions were easy to follow. To sum it all up, everything was so easy I can’t understand why some other LSes have difficulties.

Sadly no DRK AF2 gauntlets dropped. ( T-T) The whole run began around 1am and ended at 5am. I had a good 2 hours sleep before I woke up and get prepared for work. I think I can cope with their times, and I’m sure it’ll be worth it.


Been drinking a lot of milk tea lately. Hot Lipton tea with a tablespoon of condensed milk. A nice drink to have while playing FFXI.

Tesutamento returned to the game a few weeks after his decision to quit, but I dont’ see him logging on as frequently as he used to. And one fine day he asked me where I was in my promathia missions and it just so happened I was at the same mission his social JP LS was at.

His LS regularly does promathia missions once a week on either Monday or Tuesday. We’ve progressed through the Mammet battle, Diabolos battle, and just yesterday night, Ouryuu~

The first Mammet battle we lost. PT setup was BST, BST, NIN, BLM, BLM, BLM. 2 BSTs kite a mammet each while the others attack 1. The second try however, was success.

Then came the Diabolos battle. This one went so smooth no one died and hi-potion wasn’t even used. I went as DRK and managed to stun all 3 nightmare moves, almost missed the last because of chat log lag.

Ouryuu had to be the most exciting of the three. PLD, WHM, RDM, BLM, BLM, BLM. PLD goes in and voke, RDM dispels and the 3 BLMs Elemental seal + Freeze. We would cast aeroga when Ouryuu flies and sleep him when he lands. I think only 3-4 mist melts were used. PLD fell shortly after the first round of freeze and I had the most hate somehow, even with Mycophile Cuffs (Enmity -2).

Blink proved to be very useful. It absorbed 3 hits from Ouryuu which would otherwise hit me for 200-300 damage each. We kept Ouryuu slept until the PLD came out of weakness and proceeded with some light nukes. By then our elemental seal was ready to be used again and we went with the second round of freeze.

My freeze got resisted. ( T-T)

But we were so close. I kept on kiting Ouryuu as he flew around chasing me. His hits were a consistent 53 damage, then suddenly he hit me for 200+, health dropped to 43. One more hit and I would also fall but instead, the other BLM finished casting Freeze and I stopped running. I thought it was lag and was expecting to see myself fall but then I didn’t have R0! Ouryuu defeated on our first attempt! [XD]

We estimated that if everything goes smoothly, we’ll be able to access Al’Taieu in 4 weeks. ^^