Here I go

To stir up my life a little, I have made a request to my boss for a bit of advance pay! Now I’m ready to get myself a better machine to takeover the internet! (as if possible).

Intensive research has been done to make sure my investment will be worthwhile. Calculations have been made to ensure I have enough resources to last myself till end of July. Responsibilities and consequences have been considered carefully before making this decision. So yea! I’m ready to pamper myself.

While roaming around DeviantArt, I came across the gallery of ArtGerm. And all I can say is I’m very, very impressed. His ability to produce different styles of artwork using the same software makes me jealous. Be sure to check him out! It’s good timing for me to discover his work. It’s arousing my artistic senses to make a new cover image for my blog for a new month.

First Blackout

A disruption in natural gas supply from Indonesia caused a power blackout over many parts of Singapore at 10:15PM. Power resumed 30 minutes later. This is the first time in 10 years of staying in Ang Mo Kio, 20 years of my life, I experienced a blackout.

Damn, watching the last episode of Gokusen when it suddenly occurred. So I went out of my room to find that even the HDB flat opposite too, was struck by this blackout. Looking around, only a few blocks of homes far away did not suffer from this incident.

So I felt helpless. Can’t do crap. SMSed a few friends, one replied that Bishan too, fell victim. The radio function of my Nokia 6610 was put to good use. Tuning in to NewsRadio, I found out about other areas like Jurong East, Clementi, Thomson, Holland too got struck.

As I waited, I stood at my kitchen window and looked. The blocks opposite had flickering lights. The moon, almost full, shone it’s light at me and the view around was mystical…. dreamy…

Now my electric fans are up and running and keeping them damn mosquitoes away.

Lineage 2 – Chronicle 2: Age of Splendour video

Regardless of whether you play games or not, I strongly urge you, my readers, to spend some time to download and watch this 65MB video of this game. The best part starts after the second introduction (the one where you see the title of the game.)

Note the fantastic orchestra music, note the detail of each monster and the surroundings, note the beauty of the game for they are the very reasons why I still cannot bring myself to forget this game.

L2-C2:Age of Splendour video (right click, save as or use a download manager such as FlashGet or DownloadAccelerator.)

Converting ASP to PHP

I spent a day going through line by line, portion by portion and converted my IRCQuotes site from ASP to PHP. There are only improvements and not a bit of problem anywhere.

Lines of code: Reduced from approximately 280+ to 200+.
Time to process: From around 30 milliseconds down to 10 ms.

It was fun going “Hey! With PHP, I could improve this portion of code this way!.” and “Oooh, with PHP, I can reduce this code from 10 lines down to 2!”. Functions like htmlentities() and nl2br() helped a lot.

This is the very reason why since the day I stepped into PHP, I never looked back at ASP. Never.

But this blog site is still in ASP!! Hahaha! *proceeds to grumble about lack of time*

It’s back to bother me again.

It’s that season again. Where I don’t feel like doing anything not even gaming, where I feel some part of me died. Where I could just sit on my chair listening to music all day long and not move a finger.

I had a good time yesterday at Kouhaku organized by Singapore’s Miyuki Anime Club. Though they started 30 minutes late and ended 30 minutes late, it was worth my $7 nonetheless. I must admit I was a bit turned off by the first performance. I guess the singers were kind of nervous but it gradually became better.

Thanks to IceDoll for inviting me, I say you were last on the list because you were red team’s secret weapon! lol