Had a pretty good levelling session last weekend. Both lasted 8 hours and 10 hours each. Only 1-2 other members stayed throughout those 8 hours. So after both days, my RDM went from level 22-29. Nothing impressive actually. I’m just happy I got 7 levels in 2 days. Just want to hit 40 before I retire RDM for good. Trying to keep refresh up, enfeeble mob and debuff is not really what I look forward to.

Other than levelling RDM, I’ve been farming Buffaloes at Uleguerand Range. Nice snowy place where EPs can aggro near the entrance. It’s never boring fighting these. Pull with sleep bolts because they can run fast. Bring Acid Bolts because they have high defense. These things don’t have that "low defense" message when I check them for difficulty.

Other than that, Lowing from them gives Plague effect which can be removed by Viruna. Plague effects eats away your HP/MP/TP slowly. But Lowing has a long enough casting time to be stunned. But last night was plain shitty. Darn Buffalo used Lowing everytime I begin to shoot bolts or cast spells.

There’s also a stomp attack (forgot the name) which paralyzes you. I think there’s enough time to run away from it but I haven’t tested that. Was quite out of form last night. (´Д`)

The first time I farmed these, I went as DRK/THF. After the 2 hour session, I got myself 5 buffalo meats (7k each) and 2 buffalo hides (100k each). I’m going to keep the meats for making Bison Steak either to sell or eat during my Sky runs. Last night I went as DRK/WHM because I’m bringing out my adventuring fellow for the first time there. Only received 5 pieces of meat after 90 minutes.

These buffaloes can be aspir-ed for MP! I’m surprised because they don’t cast magic at all. But crabs don’t cast magic yet can also be aspir-ed for MP… After discovering these can be aspir-ed, I have no downtime farming them anymore. Except when I get continuously hit into red HP. ( >_<)

Also had a nice +0.1 and +0.2 parrying skill up and hit 130~

I also think DRK’s AF Body and Leg piece are pretty good for solo-ing EPs. The body piece offers the best defense out of all the other body armor I have. Hecatomb is better but the added +13% slow is pretty bad for recasting magic. I would replace this with the relic body if I ever get it.

The leg piece gives +5 evasion and +10 parrying, which actually helps a lot when soloing EPs. If I ever participate in Limbus in future, this would be the first piece I would upgrade.

I macroed in the head piece when I cast drain/aspir/absorbs. I macro in the hand piece for weapon bash and I macro in the feet when I use Arcane Circle for my tanks in sky. So every AF armor for DRK is actually useful for something!

Lonely Sunday

This Friday and Saturday was rather fruitful for me. Finally got my Hecatomb Mittens(+7 STR gear) and Culinarian’s Apron on the same night (both shown in this picture). I’m going to start skilling up my cooking skill again! (´▽`)

Next up was Dynamis-Beaucedine. On 2 occasions I fell asleep and got left behind, but I’m glad no one decided to kick me out of dynamis therefore I managed to catch up before lagging too far behind.

We cleared the boss and I now have access to Dynamis-Xarcabard I think. Not a single DRK relic dropped though. (´Д`)

Later today, after some good sleep. I tried seeking for an EXP PT. Tried putting a Japanese sentence in my search comment this time. "日本語少し解るのシンガポール人です" meaning I’m a Singaporean who knows a bit of Japanese. No luck.

During the 4 hour waiting period, I did some coding for work. Somehow it feels very stressful having to work at home especially during weekends. /sigh

So I hopped down to Kuftal’s to level my adventuring fellow and skill up axe at the same time. Henrietta (name of my adventuring fellow) reached level 60 today and did a few Tachi:Yukikazes.

After hitting 196 on Axe, it becomes harder to get skill ups so I went down to Gustav to level Great Axe on the lizards there. Before I begin, I went to check and found Wyvernpoacher Drachlox up and running! This is a goblin NM that drops Othinus’s Bow, which seems to be a good crossbow for rangers.

Cast reraise and buffed myself. While waiting for my MP to recover, the exp pt next to me pulled a goblin and it linked with Drachlox. I pulled Drachlox away from them and began fighting it. Had my drk/whm ass kicked in less than a minute. やっぱり一人でソロは無理なww

Feeling quite exhausted mentally, and with most of my friends not online, I went to fish instead. Seeked advice from a fisherman friend, bought a Halcyon fishing rod and some bait from the Auction House and made my way down to Qufim. Meh, I forgot how fishing went and hit the wrong keys. As a result, I lost my 4000gil bait on first try but good thing I bought a spare.

Pretty poor catches tonight, according to allakazham’s forums, it’s hard to get a catch near 50% moon phases and I just happened to be fishing at 48% moon phase. Oh well, I’ll come back another night…

Can’t stop loving rain

It’s been raining a lot in many places of Singapore for the past 4-5(?) days. For some unknown reason, I like the sound of rain outside my window.

The other day when I walked home from the bus stop, it was drizzling lightly that time. The raindrops falling on me felt comfortable and I just forgot all the stress I had that day at work.

Till now, I haven’t had my mobile phone changed. Mum’s friend is too busy to meet up and I need her to transfer the account to me now that I have Singapore PR. I want to change my phone to one with a built-in camera to take photos for this blog~ 

First relic armor!

I honestly didn’t expect it would drop. My Abyss Sollerets in Dynamis-Bastok. So I never bothered when they didn’t ask who wanted the DRK relic feet during the preparations.

But it dropped! I lotted after asking if it was ok and I got it~

Not exactly a useful piece but I still want to collect the whole Abyss set and wear them with my Chef’s Hat. Dark Chef ver.2!

1 reason for not outsourcing

My boss decided to outsource one of our projects to India because of the lack of programmers in the company. This same project is given to us from a big client.

Well, the Indian guy who was working on it did a piss poor job and ran off with the money. Refusing to fix and complete the project until we pay him more.

So now, I’m cleaning up the mess he left behind. I reduced his Dreamweavered HTML page from 400 lines down to 40 by removing useless <table>s and making good use of the PHP include() function. The whole site is supposed to be PHPed anyway.

Everything is so much neater and easier to control now.

Still, our project deadline is screwed and instead of having our workload reduced, I have to work at home sometimes. :\