I think I finally found the problem

I was experiencing weird internet problems. I’m on ADSL. My DSL signal would drop and try to reconnect. It was so frustrating because I can’t have a good game of FFXI. I got my entire PT killed when I DCed during a pull in a BC.

But I think I may have discovered the problem. And I’m a little embarassed about it because I was so sure that wasn’t the cause.

The fucking phones in my living room. They were probably faulty or maybe just the phone lines.

I’m guessing they are generating static onto the lines which affects my DSL stability.

As to how I discovered it, here’s the story.

One night, during one of those frustrating constant disconnecting sessions, I went to the living room and picked up the phone. I could hear static noise. And by holding the receiver for a while, it would gradually go away.

Then I noticed my DSL going back stable.

I tried it the next morning and wallah, it went worked again.

After work, I went to buy 2 new phones and some phone wires to replace the ones in my living room.

Till now, I haven’t seen that problem anymore. I really hope I fixed it. Because it has been irritating me for almost 6 months.

As to why I denied the phones to be the cause, I have tried connecting my modem directly to the wall and it didn’t work. I think static was still there on the phone lines and it didn’t go away easily.

Also, I don’t use phones at home. If my friends want to contact me, they would call my handphone directly. Only my mum uses the phones at home to chat with her friends.

Just need a few more days to confirm that the problem has been solved. *crosses fingers*

things sure have changed

I’ve been trying to level NIN. Target 57 so I can use Hocho (cooking+3). Maybe 60 just for a nice round number. My BLM is 60 so why not?

So I went on seek for an hour. Got an invite. LV31-32 at Garlaige Citadel, setup was NIN/WAR, MNK/THF, THF/WAR, BRD/WHM, BLM/WHM, RDM/WHM. Notice anything weird?

Well, there’s no support tank.

And Garlaige is too high.

And so I lose shadows very fast and get hit for 90~100.

After the first bat, mages were all out of MP from spamming cure on me. BLM said his nukes all got resisted.

Then for the second bat, it was located across a crack on the floor. Meaning it would take a long way to travel to us instead of chasing the puller directly. So I told the PT to stand by and run. And yea. 2 bat links. I’m surprised because I was expecting more. I told everyone to run but only 1 or 2 ran to zone. Puller died. Someone went to fight the bat that was pulled and so the mages stayed behind to support him.

I went to tank it. Died. Everyone ran to zone. BRD leader probably forced disconnect himself. But I’m damn glad he was killed before the servers kicked him off.

It’s getting very common now.. People faking disconnects to run away from bad PT setups… 

PT disbanded, and I used my friend’s char to PL myself until my empress band effect wore off.

I… may just end up PLing myself again… At least until 37… Or I can also abuse the power of the IME plugin and pretend to be a JP player.


Imitation mochaccino recipe.

Tastes good actually. lol

Since my PSP is now updated to a rather new firmware rendering it impossible to play homebrew. I use it to watch anime while on the bus.

Last Resort & Attack Food findings

Almost 1am, I’m 70% sleepy so I’ll just put out my results first and analyze them another day.

I have always wanted to know how attack bonus from last resort and food affect each other. So here’s my results and findings.

Last Resort effect meritted to LV3. (+2% each level so +6% more than normal)

As a test, I equipped random armor and achieved a base attack of 400. Used last resort and achieved 482. +82 ATT increase, which is +20.5%.

Meat Mithkabob: +5STR, Attack +22% (Cap: 60@272 Base Attack)

Food Before LR After LR ATT Increase % Increase
No 467 563 96 20.5%
Yes 530 627 97 18.3%
+63 +64 +1

So yea, attack bonus from food is added after bonus from last resort.

Since I ate food which I am able to hit the attack cap,
Meat Mithkabob → Attack +22% (Cap: 60@272 Base Attack)
60ATT and 3 more from the +5STR bonus for a total of +63.
Seems like attack bonus from STR bonus is added after the attack bonus from food is calculated.

My next step is to eat a food which I am unable to hit the attack cap and see if the attack bonus from food takes into calculation the attack bonus from last resort or not.

I’ll take results tomorrow, during one of my sky runs. Stay tuned!

Update #1:

Marbled Steak: +6STR, Attack +18% (Cap: 95@527 Base Attack)

Food Before LR After LR ATT Increase % Increase
No 457 551 94 20.5%
Yes 542 650 108 19.9%
+85 +101 +14

Cool. With Last Resort on, I hit the attack cap on the food and receive full +95 from food. There’s an extra 6 points of attack, 3 comes from the +6STR of the food. The remaining 3, I have no idea where it came from.

My next and final test, I will use Dragon Steak or Dragon Soup. Both have even higher attack caps, which is 750. Will post results next week!

Update #2:

Red Curry: +7STR, Attack +23% (Cap: 150@652 Base Attack)

Food Before LR After LR ATT Increase % Increase
No 457 551 94 20.5%
Yes 575 693 118 20.5%
+118 +142 +24

I chose red curry because of the high attack bonus of +23%. Allakhazam reports the attack bonus to be 24%, but from my numbers, I received 25%.

Singapore’s first maid cafe…

… is run by a 16 year old girl, who is also a cosplayer herself.

Here’s a video captured from a local TV show.

Channel U special on Cosafe

For a 16 year old to open a restaurant in a place where the rent is very high (CHIJMES), she must come from a very rich family.

In actual, the maids are not as enthusiastic as the ones in Japan, from what I’ve heard. But they’re not too bad I guess.