The Majority

When Microsoft became the biggest software company, many people began to hate them. Then they support Google.

When Apple’s iPhone became the most popular cellphone, many people began to despise it. And they support Google’s Android phones.

Now when Google becomes a huge company from dealing with web searches, email, videos, ads, etc, people started to hate Google.

From what I’ve been observing, everyone loves support the underdog. When it becomes successful, they move on to another.

Screw all of you.

Yes, I’m sick of people who hate the iPhone simply because a lot of people use it. If you don’t like it because it lacks certain features that you really need, I can accept that.

I get slightly annoyed when people say they like to hate things that are popular. Hold on, a lot of people like to hate things that are popular.

Maybe if I start an ad in the newspaper telling everyone that it’s popular thing to hate things that are popular, perhaps they will start to hate themselves and then kill themselves.

I did say before that I tend to avoid mainstream animes. It’s simply because I have limited time and I’d rather devote that limited time to watch non-mainstream animes which I seem to find more enjoyable than mainstream ones. It’s an excuse based on my personal preferences and not what the majority of people like to do.

In closing,