Beer and Coffee

Today is the 4th day that I’ve stopped drinking coffee.

Trying to clear out the caffeine in my body so that I can once again enjoy that exhilarating feeling when one drinks coffee.

I feel like crap without my daily cup of coffee. Going to resume drinking after my…

Redang 3 days 2 nights holiday! This Friday, I’ll be leaving for another short holiday with a different group of friends. One of the events included in our travel package is snorkeling. Mmmmmm

I look forward to taking naps under the sun again. Waking up feeling refreshed to the sound of the waves.

However, it’s a holiday period now and it might be very crowded over there. :(

And what about beer?

Well, there was a small gathering of my secondary school friends at someone’s house and we had beer, cheese sausages and we chatted about the old days. This is when I discovered how I want to enjoy beer. With good company and good food.

It was such a good experience that I want to enjoy it again. But this time, an air conditioned room, friends, lots of beer and cheese sausages. And we’d just chat till the last can of beer. Ahhh…