sea, finally

Finally have Al’Taieu access.
Thanks to Shelaさん for organizing and re-doing the missions all over again with the rest of us.

In Al’Taieu, many creatures resemble sea creatures in real life, I think this is why many simple refer to it as Sea. (There’s even an auto-translate word for it).
Up here is a flying jellyfish. I heard it’s pretty tough so we kept avoiding it by not running below it.

Creature on my left is probably a dolphin. The blue one resembles a stingray.

Non-sea-related pic. But I find this pose so funny I tried doing it in real-life except holding a roll of toilet paper.

I kind of liked Al’Taieu because in real life, I have fascination with sea creatures. Sharks, octopus, giant squids, etc. All thanks to science-fiction films. [:D]

Honestly, I’m a little disappointed with Al’Taieu as it’s only a small area to explore. Once you’ve finished the mini-quest by talking to all the 20 Quasiliums for the map, you’ve already run around half of Al’Taieu. I haven’t explored the Grand Palace of Hu’Xzoi and the Garden of Ru’Hmet yet but judging from the maps I’ve seen, it looks pretty simple.

Bad things and good things

A lot of shit happened last week. Both good and bad. I don’t know whether to feel happy or sad. 40% of me now wants to quit FFXI because of the growing population of immature players. I don’t care how old they are but as long as they act like a kid around me, I don’t like them. The other 60% of me wants to stay because of the friends I’ve made.

But I won’t give in just yet. There’s still much enjoyment in this game waiting for me and friends I want to adventure with. (Areu, get a hold of yourself and organize something fun for us for once.)

A few months ago, I mentioned about getting a new phone. Well, I went ahead and bought one without signing another 2 year contract for a discount. So it’s S$448 for my new Nokia 6170. I love it’s steel surface and classy look. And after some googling, I’ve managed to get the PC Suite working with my phone.

Here’s a photo of my desk at work.

Click on it for a larger unaltered image fresh from the phone taken at high quality (highest possible).

Not too shabby and not very good but I think it’s acceptable so far. 

morning music

Quite a bad morning. (´Д`)

I overslept on the bus and got off one stop late.

Then I sneezed. Kept sneezing. Must’ve sneezed more than 10 times while walking to office. Sneezed till my throat hurts.

Stopped by at 7-11 for some cold/flu pills.

Yesterday there was company dinner at a sushi restaurant. After that I went home and had a 2 hour sleep before waking up for Dynamis(a FFXI thing). It was then I began to have a runny nose.

So now the flu pills are working, I’m sitting here blogging with my cup of coffee and listening to Maaya Sakamoto’s songs. Her crisp clear calm voice and soothing music made me feel much better. (´ー`)

Check out some samples of her songs here. Though I think it’s best that they be enjoyed in high quality.


vana’diel report

Let’s see…

Last week, I camped the Aroma Crawler for my RSE Ammo and finally got the drop! Balm Sachet~ (INT+1, STR+1), good for my DRK’s STR gear and a suitable replacement for Morion Tathlum when I’m on my BLM. It’s rare/ex but rare drop. I think I’m like 1/20(1 drop out of 20 claims) ?

Levelled RDM to 38. Now I can sub it for DRK for ballista and soloing stuff. Phalanx is great. I managed to solo a "decent challenge" Fire Elemental and Air Elemental at Kuftal’s.

Spent a lot of time playing FF Tactics on Playstation while waiting for an invite on my DRK. I managed to get enough merits to pump my Great Sword skill to level 3 and now notice slightly better hit rates on Kirin with Bison Steak as food instead of sushi. Heh, also it’s kind of stupid to store 300% TP for a 1000 Ground Strike when I can get twice the damage done with 3x 700 Spinning Slashes.

I chose an attack food because I would be hitting for 0 if I went with sushi. Dealing 0 damage gives 0% TP!

I think I can relax a little now. (´ー`)


By the way, I discovered that the front of my Hecatomb Harness has the face of an evil bunny!