vana’diel report

Let’s see…

Last week, I camped the Aroma Crawler for my RSE Ammo and finally got the drop! Balm Sachet~ (INT+1, STR+1), good for my DRK’s STR gear and a suitable replacement for Morion Tathlum when I’m on my BLM. It’s rare/ex but rare drop. I think I’m like 1/20(1 drop out of 20 claims) ?

Levelled RDM to 38. Now I can sub it for DRK for ballista and soloing stuff. Phalanx is great. I managed to solo a "decent challenge" Fire Elemental and Air Elemental at Kuftal’s.

Spent a lot of time playing FF Tactics on Playstation while waiting for an invite on my DRK. I managed to get enough merits to pump my Great Sword skill to level 3 and now notice slightly better hit rates on Kirin with Bison Steak as food instead of sushi. Heh, also it’s kind of stupid to store 300% TP for a 1000 Ground Strike when I can get twice the damage done with 3x 700 Spinning Slashes.

I chose an attack food because I would be hitting for 0 if I went with sushi. Dealing 0 damage gives 0% TP!

I think I can relax a little now. (´ー`)


By the way, I discovered that the front of my Hecatomb Harness has the face of an evil bunny!


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