Genting Highlands

I celebrated Chinese New Year with my relatives in Malaysia.

Took a 9 hour coach ride north to Kedah, had a 1 hour break and then another 4-5 hour car ride south to Kuala Lumpur, to Genting Highlands.

It was my first time there.

Went up by cable car. The following photos were taken during the 10~15 minute ride up.

Genting Highlands is basically like a holiday resort? High up in the mountains above the clouds. Oh yea, the chinese word for Genting is 云顶. It means "top of the clouds".

Amusement Park with some nice thrill rides.

See that high pillar in the middle? I played that one. Wasn’t scared at all! But I loved that feeling you get when falling down.

View from my hotel window on the first day, around 6pm.

View from my hotel window on the second day, around 8am.

Beautiful morning…

On the second night, I went to the casino with my cousin, we were there from about 11pm to 4.30am. Spent all of our time at the "Big Small" table.

The game goes like this, 3 dice are rolled and people place their bets on whether the sum of the 3 dice are big(11-17) or small (3-10). Triple 6 is not considered as big. There are also various other combinations you can place your bets on.

The minimum bet you can make that night was RM20. I changed RM100 for some color chips and played slowly in small bets.

People around are playing in sums as huge as 500~2000 at 1 time. I’ve also seen an old lady, the average kind you see on the streets, throw about 30 RM50 bills on the table to change for chips.

I won RM210 in the end. The most I’ve had on hand was RM400.

I changed all my color chips for cash chips and kept one five dollar cash chip as a souvenir. :D

If you want a high res version of any of the above photos, post the filename in the comments and I’ll put it up. Kinda lazy right now, haha.

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I haven’t quit too!

… just going to Malaysia for the Chinese New Year. :)

I should be back next week, Thursday/Friday.

I’ll try to take photos!

I’ll be travelling by coach. The bus ride will take 8 hours, from Johor Bahru to Sungai Petani in Kedah. That’s where my mum’s relatives are.

I’ve been starving myself these days by skipping breakfast and lunch to lose some weight as there’ll be lots of delicious food to eat while I’m there.

Not sure if my relatives still have internet access. The last time I went (about 2 years ago), they’re on 56k!

Anyway, see you next week! 

crazy for merits

Finally San d’Oria Rank 10!

Don’t know why but I’m crazy for merits again.

I’m going to try tanking Kirin’s 4 god summons next so I need all the merits I can to make it through safely.

Need 3 merits for Fealty, seems effective against Seiryu’s radiant breath and aoe paralyze.

Need 20 merits to max out HP. I’m currently at LV4. May just be the last thing to merit.

Need 12 merits to max out sentinel recast. Currently LV2.

I don’t think I can finish them all in time. lol

Anyway, an update on recent FFXI happenings!

Fishing in dynamis-windurst.
I wished I had brought mine. ( T-T)

This dynamis, I had a chance to tank for the last 10 minutes of the event because our main tank was having connection problems.

I had problems holding hate. I left my high breath mantle in my mog safe because I didn’t expect to be main tank. I didn’t have the neccessary macros and don’t know kill priority.

It was a good change though. As I was getting very sleepy from being a tank in the sleepga PT.


The PT lasted 4 hours and I gained 3 levels!

Later that day, San d’Oria finished 1st in conquest and we redeemed our aketons.

Both of us started FFXI together and it’s almost 3 years. We finished the windurst missions together too.

That’s a fake kraken club by the way.

fake forum threads

I’ve been noticing in a few forums that some unscrupulous companies have been making fake threads to advertise their products/services.

I recently reported one such case to HWZ’s mods and the threads/user have been deleted.

Here’s what they did:

1) Scheming person creates an account user_A and makes a thread in a help forum stating he’s having problems with his harddisk and asks how to recover the data.

2) Other forum users come in with honest replies suggesting using techniques/software to recover the data.

3) Scheming person then creates an account user_B and makes a reply in that thread some time later, proceeds to mention a company name that provides such recovery services and how it has helped them.

I don’t know if a lot of forum moderators have noticed this already. At first, it’s hard to tell or notice this sort of thing. But once you’ve gotten the hang of it, you can easily tell which users are doing this.

Key points to watch: post count, previous posts he’s made (you can usually tell from here whether he’s an honest user), difference between the account registration date of both user_A and user_B.

These fuckers waste the time of honest users who make effort to provide help.