My last 2 PTs were good. So good it took me from 57→60.

The first one went like this. Initially, I received a /tell asking if I could hold hate. I simply replied that it depends on the PT. Which is true because if you have a trigger happy BLM, it will be difficult to pull hate off him. Turns out it was a BLM PT. Setup was PLD RDM BRD BLM BLM BLM, lv57-59, camp at Cape Terrigan, near beach. Fighting crabs, pugils and raptors.

2 of the NA BLMs disconnected a few times and eventually never came back. We ended up with 5 members. Leader invited another BLM to come before he himself disconnected and never came back. I wasn’t surprised anyway. I’ve heard complaints about those 2 players, years ago from people in my linkshell.

It turned out to be pretty good with 5. I was puller and I never stopped pulling. BLMs became conservative on MP and we could hit chain 4 with as high as 280exp once. Throughout every fight I healed myself and so could hold hate very well. 1MP from auto-refresh, 3MP from RDM’s refresh, another 3 from BRD’s 2x Ballad for a total of 7MP/tick.

The whole PT lasted 5 hours. We had a short break after the first hour and went non-stop for 4 hours. Total EXP gained was around 20K. Shoulders ached a little after this PT.

Next day, ls mate Sollanon made a PT with PLD SMN BRD BLM RNG BLU, lv59-60. Camp at
Aydeewa Subterrane. Crawlers and Spiders. The first 5 minutes were rough. But after everyone gets used to it, it pretty ok. Chained up to 5 and without empress band, we got EXP as high as 390s. This includes a slight sanction bonus from having Astral Candescene safe in Al Zahbi.

In the end I manage to finally hit 60 and wear full PLD AF. Looks cool. [XD]

Had a break

I usually blog at work. So when there wasn’t a single entry last week, it means I’m on leave! [:D]

Spent most of the time on FFXI though but that’s not all!

On 2 nights I went cycling at midnight, first night left me so exhausted and nauseus I had to lie down on the road for a while. I think I lacked water. So before I started on the second night, I drank lots and overall it was better. I even had a heavy dinner about 4 hours before that.

Tried excercising a little to help fix the backaches I’ve been having from sitting in front of the computer for long hours both at work and at home. Feels a little better only. I need to do more of these.

And the best thing is getting drunk at a colleague’s wedding dinner. It’s not like I felt depressed or something, I just drank because it’s free. lol. I had 5 glasses of beer and I started to feel woozy and out of control. It felt good drunk but it didn’t feel good the next day. orz

I felt like vomitting and at the same time I felt very hungry. Had lots of water and ate a little only. I don’t think I want to get drunk again. ( >_<)

Now to clear the 600 spam mails accumulated over the week. orz

great balls of steel adventure

*begins with a rant*

In my most recent EXP PT as PLD, our leader got all 5 members to go to Kuftal’s. Then proceeded to search for a 6th as we all fight crabs. So he couldn’t get a 6th because people think their asked to replace someone. orz #1

When he finally got someone to come down, he asked the PT to move camp.

As I ran down Kuftal’s I saw a dead body. Then another. Then another. So I used prism powder and just as I finished, Guivre ran past me from behind. I warned everyone in the PT and said to get invis-ed.

But for god knows why, the monk in my PT was running around the place without invis and when Guivre killed him, he died in a place full of monsters that aggro to sound. orz #2

He asked if the spiders aggro blood, I said no, aggroes sound. He asked for a raise which I gave him. He accepted raise while the spiders are still in aggro range. What happens next, everyone should know. orz #3

As everyone stood speechless at the exit to Cape Terrigan. The leader had a connection lost icon. Coincidence? No. He didn’t return for 10 minutes and I am very convinced he disconnected himself on purpose. orz #4

Someone in the PT asked the WHM to raise XXXXXX (monk who died). The WHM replied "who is he?". mega-orz #5

In the end, the monk got his high level WHM friend to come raise him as I told everyone we should disband. It’s late and not worth continuing anymore.

The whole PT lasted an hour. EXP gained: 1400. TNL:1600. orz #6

*end of rant*

So last night, I didn’t get any invite by 10pm. And with this recent bad experience with NA PTs, I gave up seeking and switched to my DRK, subbed RDM, bought a stack of pickaxes and went to explore the Halvung areas. (was also hoping to mine up those expensive ores)


First off, setting my search comments…


English Translation:
Preparedness to die:O

Singlish Translation:
Adventuring lah^^
Preparedness to kena whack:O

Note: O means something like "yes / in possession " and X is the opposite.

Mining in a small room with 3 Trolls moving about. And I pulled this off twice without dying!

The results of that night. Exclude the linksack/linkpearl.

I travelled to Vozold Island, I decided to head to Navukgo Execution Chamber to see what’s there.

Behold what I found on the island!

Not a NM. There’s quite a few of these running around.

Entrance into Navukgo Execution Chamber.

Guess what I found inside.












A Decorative Bronze Gate. >_>

"Looking closely at the surface of the gate, you can see what appears to be the imprints of a Troll’s fist". wtf?

The whole area is designed like a BC area. No map, a second door that’s unaccessable because it’s up on a cliff.

Maybe they’ll add new BCNM/KSNM/ENM fights, or maybe these are for future Aht Uhrgan missions.

Disappointed, I warp back.

Japanese classes

Thinking of picking up Japanese lessons. But the only thing holding me back is I’m afraid I won’t be able to keep up with the pace.

I’ll probably go with the regular course that spans over 1 year, 1 lesson every week and 2 hours for each lesson. 

Anyone out there who has actually taken up a Japanese learning course? I would like to hear your experiences regardless of whether you’re a local or a foreigner.