Had a break

I usually blog at work. So when there wasn’t a single entry last week, it means I’m on leave! [:D]

Spent most of the time on FFXI though but that’s not all!

On 2 nights I went cycling at midnight, first night left me so exhausted and nauseus I had to lie down on the road for a while. I think I lacked water. So before I started on the second night, I drank lots and overall it was better. I even had a heavy dinner about 4 hours before that.

Tried excercising a little to help fix the backaches I’ve been having from sitting in front of the computer for long hours both at work and at home. Feels a little better only. I need to do more of these.

And the best thing is getting drunk at a colleague’s wedding dinner. It’s not like I felt depressed or something, I just drank because it’s free. lol. I had 5 glasses of beer and I started to feel woozy and out of control. It felt good drunk but it didn’t feel good the next day. orz

I felt like vomitting and at the same time I felt very hungry. Had lots of water and ate a little only. I don’t think I want to get drunk again. ( >_<)

Now to clear the 600 spam mails accumulated over the week. orz

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