The beauty of Souleater, Blood Weapon and ALOT of Haste

Went to help a friend on King Vinegarroon on DRK. Very short battle, like 10~15 seconds, lol

Hasso: 10%
Desperate Blows: 20%
Soul Voiced March x2: 20~30%? (I asked a few BRD friends but none knew the actual amount)
Haste: 15%
Haste from equip: 7%
Haste from rune chopper: 9%

Total: 80% (cap reached)

I used rune chopper, figured I’d get enough accuracy from the second bard’s soul voice madrigal x2 and needed the extra 9% haste from it to hit cap. I’ll need to work on earning another 5 merit points to finish my desperate blows merits for 25% haste, then I should be able to use scythe instead.


A little late to post about this though, my MNK is at 62 now. But anyways, it’s a strong job but simple playstyle. Most PTs I get into don’t do skillchains anymore. The skillchains I see are just coincidences. Thus, most of the PTs I’m in, I just DD and TP up, then use my WS near the end to avoid dying from grabbing hate.

With /WAR, it’s easy to grab hate even without using provoke or an WS. Even easier if the tank is a NIN. Or maybe I haven’t been with good tanks recently D: . With just a few double attack procs and normal hits at the start of the battle after the NIN vokes, I grabbed hate.

Then after hitting 60, I decided to try /THF. I don’t grab hate as easy as /WAR now with the lack of double attack and berserk. And I can trick attack + WS on the tank at the start of the battle.

On my last PT as MNK/THF, I had a really good PLD tank and an alert THF. After seeing him do Dancing Edge after my Howling Fist for a Distortion SC, I started hitting my “announce TP” macro and so did he. We did lots of skillchains that night.

We were fought colibris and I lost 10 pieces of sushi to it’s “snatch morsel” ability but I was content. It felt like the good old days.

The PLD, even though was doing a good job at holding hate, couldn’t tell that the THF and I were doing skillchain and the THF was SATA-ing on him after so many skillchains. So most of the time, he pulled back hate before the THF could finish his SATA, making the skillchain weaker. Oh well, at least I went 60 to 62 in that PT.

I’m going to reach a level where the Lesser Colibris would check as even match to me before I go skilling up guard again. That would probably be around 66~68.

My Nyzul assault has been pretty rocky. Probably due to bad luck. Out of 4 runs each week, we manage to succeed only 1 or 2 run. Most of us aren’t used to it yet I suppose. Anyway, at the Nyzul portal, there’s a lot of people during JP prime time. It’s starting to get a little irritating spending a lot of time spamming the portal trying to get in.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. Lots more standing behind, lol

That’s all for today. :)

I had a dream where I obtained…


Yup, really. And I woke up feeling disappointed once I realized it was only a dream.

Ever since the Homam set was introduced into the game, I’ve never felt any urge for it even though it is a very good addition to my DRK equipment because during that time, due to various reasons, I wasn’t able to join any Limbus shells.

Then recently, the desire grew once my social shell was able to do Proto-Omega with low numbers. But with 3~5 competitors for that piece, it seems I might have a better chance with the Mog Bonanza. 3!! Just 3 matching numbers on my main character and that’s enough! :D

Anyways, more importantly, we’ve had our first try at Proto-Ultima. Turned out to be a disaster at the final phase as it begins to use Citadel Buster quite frequently. Now I know why the general strategy for the final phase is to zerg it as fast as possible.

With 9 members, we had no problems bringing it down to the final phase. Probably the hardest NM I had to shadow tank in my PLD/NIN career so far.

Out of the 4 Dissipations, only 1 was stunned. It’s supposed to reset hate but somehow it was still attacking me and my co-tank.


My first mistake was dying at the start of the fight, lol. I was told to pull it to the far NW corner and couldn’t put shadows back up in time and as it killed me with hits doing damage as high as 400+.

My next mistake was standing in there with the one and only sub tank trying to survive CB. I thought it only uses CB once but that’s where I’m wrong.

And instead of getting my magic defense setup up and ready, I was spamming Cure4 on myself for hate, thinking I should have enough time later for preparing for CB.

The result? 2 dead tanks and no one left to tank it.

Then everyone fell 1 by 1.

Lesson learned.

Hopefully we can get more members to come next fight!

Recent version update introduced a variety of new equipment but none of it appealed to me for both my jobs. What I liked and hate the most is increasing the limit of the group 2 merits.

Happy because I can now have Chivalry recast down to 10 minutes and Desperate blows giving me 25% haste, giving my average-equipped DRK some hope of reaching the 80% haste cap and have some fun.

Angry because now I have to earn 34 more merit points to cap everything.

Oh well, hopefully SE will release the final Campaign ranks soon so I can earn limit points and get promotion through campaign battles, thus killing 2 birds with 1 stone.

The most depressing thing in FFXI

I’ve camped NMs for hours just to see it claimed by others.

I’ve had an Ulli stolen from me (pre-Ulli patch) by RMTs after hours of camping it.

I’ve lost lot of a very good and rare RARE/EX equipment to someone who doesn’t have nor levelling a job that can use it.

I’ve been through Kirin and Byakko wipes with the NM despawning.

I’ve had my fair share of LS drama involving the kicking of members and denying ownership of osodes and I’ve never felt good about it.

I’ve seen many friends return just to quit FFXI again.

But nothing’s more depressing than seeing the character/name of a friend being used by someone else.

To every friend I’ve made in FFXI, if you were to quit FFXI one day, just cancel your content IDs ok? At least you’re not paying anything and the name stays taken on the FFXI servers.


The story behind this entry, I was just finished with setting up my bazaar in Battalia and was about to go to sleep when I saw a familiar name checking my bazaar, a name I haven’t seen in many months.

I immediately did a /t to target this old friend.

The friend I knew had a female hume, but what I saw was a male tarutaru, and a mule character too.

Which led me to believe said friend had deleted her character and left without saying goodbye… *sigh*

While the majority would assume she had quit and gone on with her life, I can’t help but wonder if she had met with something unfortunate IRL. *touch wood*

Update 2:

For Trebla: