The beauty of Souleater, Blood Weapon and ALOT of Haste

Went to help a friend on King Vinegarroon on DRK. Very short battle, like 10~15 seconds, lol

Hasso: 10%
Desperate Blows: 20%
Soul Voiced March x2: 20~30%? (I asked a few BRD friends but none knew the actual amount)
Haste: 15%
Haste from equip: 7%
Haste from rune chopper: 9%

Total: 80% (cap reached)

I used rune chopper, figured I’d get enough accuracy from the second bard’s soul voice madrigal x2 and needed the extra 9% haste from it to hit cap. I’ll need to work on earning another 5 merit points to finish my desperate blows merits for 25% haste, then I should be able to use scythe instead.

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