another summary

Well, not much to talk about. So here’s what happened recently~♪


Did 2 KS30s, both Copycat and got a Fuma sune-ate from both. They cost about 1,000,000g.

Fought Big Bomb and Zoraal Ja’s Pkuucha. Both NMs of the new Aht Uhrgan areas. Big Bomb dropped a club and the colibri NM dropped Fowler’s earring.

A friend was farming ram skins in La’theine and he popped Bloodtear Baldgruf! So I got to tank it! It spams mighty strikes and has very low delay but I still managed to tank it as DRK/PLD with some cures from a BLM/WHM friend. I may be able to solo it if I brought some yagudo drinks, ate defense food and brought evasion equipment. Viking’s shield didn’t drop though.

My Dark Magic merits is full now. LV 8! I’m going to get Diabolic Eye(group 2 merits) next and see if it helps at Kirin fights.

My last 2-3 EXP PTs on my PLD were good. PLD68 now with 90000exp more to 69. I’m using STR gear which I have for my DRK on my PLD during WS. After the melees do distortion SC, I throw in Swift Blade as soon as I see the BLM finish casting his spell for MBing and create another darkness SC. Sadly, the BLMs I had aren’t sharp enough to notice this and overlook a second chance to MB. Or perhaps it’s not worth it? Hmmm…





Sooo, I saw it coming. When I noticed Tuufless appearing less often in my Friend List. Then a few days later, he blogged about quitting. ( >_>)

Anyway, on the day of his departure…


"blah blah Auld Lang Syne blah blah♪"

We gathered from night…

To morning!

More friends came.

And then Tuufless did his final /logout.

Well, months ago I’d be very sad when a friend quits. But nowadays, after experiencing some end game drama, I pretty much feel it’s a blessing. And also, it’s like being released from the evil clutches of SquareEnix.

So yea, good luck in real life. Doom LS will always be around to welcome you back.


Out of curiousity, I bought this magazine at Bugis Junction’s Kinokuniya for $25. But it’s actually a guidebook because it has maps and teaches a lot of stuff about the new Aht Uhrgan expansion.

Anyway, on the second page, it showed a list of FFXI characters and their names, I noticed the name Kitty, for hume face:

I have a very strong impression of this guy because he wears his subligar (FFXI underwear) most of the time I see him.

Then I looked at the other names and I recognized them! Peaberry, Littlejon and then Bros, whom I’ve partied with recently with his COR.

Then I remember my JP friends who once referred to one of the players as "旅団の人ですね". Back when we were doing our Promathia missions in Ru’Hmet.

I feel a little proud to be on the Odin server. [:D]


My social LS Doom had a fenrir’s battle done yesterday. Originally, the setup was NIN NIN DRK WHM BLM BRD. But one of the NINs had connection problems so I pestered my leader a little to let me come. The WHM switched job to NIN so the new setup was NIN NIN DRK DRK BLM BRD.

The plan was to do Blade:Ten -> Spiral Hell twice and BLM MBs on both. Outside the BC, we used sleeping potions and opo-opo necklace for 300%TP.

The result:

Only less than 1 minute into the battle.

Adrenaline rush!

New pet wolf.

tamaya~ kagiya~

Met up with a few guys from #animemedia of Galaxynet. We’re mostly just a bunch of people who like animes, games, etc. We use to host anime videos there for others to download but with the advent of bittorrent technology. There’s no point running fserves via IRC anymore unless you’re a fansub group and you have a high-speed connection.

Anyways, BUZZ, CosmoNova, Joachim, Sollanon, Kyu and me had dinner at Marche. I had Sirloin Steak and Rosti with cheese pork sausage. Expensive but very delicious. [:D]

After dinner, we made our way following the crowd to the open space outside Marina Square(not sure), just in time to see the fireworks begin. Note that this happened on August 8th and is not the same as the one during Singapore’s National Day (Aug 9th). This display of fireworks seem to be part of a fireworks competition.

Ah… The lights, the sound… This is the second time I’ve seen fireworks in Singapore. The first was a National Day preview back in my secondary school days.


I also took a video using my phone. It’s a .3gp file, requires quicktime to play.