Danny Choo’s autograph

After AFA09, K-on seiyuus, May’N and Danny Choo, each had their autographs up for auction.

I’m not sure if you can call it an auction because you can only bid once, and you cannot find out what’s the current highest bid.

But just for fun, I bid SGD$50 for K-on seiyuus’ autographs and SGD$20 (USD$14.20, JPY1308) for Danny Choo’s. I already have May’N’s.

I bet if the organizers announced the current highest bid for those autographs, they could fetch higher prices for the autographs.

Because I actually won the bid for Danny Choo’s autograph, lol. But I’m going to assume there was a higher bid for it but that person didn’t show up to claim his prize.

Danny Choo's autograph
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My colleague says the costs for framing this autograph is definitely more than SG$20, lol