I wish I could just rest in the middle of an wide open field and stare at the sky during sunset, not having to worry about work, family, friends, FFXI or even my own health.

Recently, I’ve been leaving work at 6pm sharp. Previously, I would leave 30~60 minutes later because boss seems unhappy that I leave at 6pm despite all the work we have piling up. The difference between 30 minutes is having the chance to see sunset.

As my bus travels down Thomson Road, somewhere along the way and on your left there’s no tall buildings or trees and you could see far into the wide sky if you’re sitting in the upper deck of a double decker bus. As the sun sets in that direction. If you’re lucky, you could see a very beautiful sunset. But this lasts only for a minute or two.

Every time I see it, I feel so content that I could die with no regrets.

Life is tiring… >_>


Finally hit 50 on PLD. It’s been fun and exciting so far. Not a single boring moment during EXP PTs.

But getting an invite is beginning to be difficult. I thought I could get better invites than on my DRK because it’s a tank job but as long as there’s a NIN out there within my level range seeking, he would always get picked first.

Give me a COR or RDM or even better, both in my PT and I can perhaps keep myself healed without a WHM’s help and even hold hate well.

Can’t wait to get 60PLD just because the PLD AF looks cool. 

The road to 100 cooking

Perhaps I was really lucky. Getting the last 1 skill for 100 cooking took me a really short time.

After retrieving ingredients from my cooking mule, I decided to give it a try at skilling up on cursed soup. Headed down to Crawler’s Nest and started farming…

At first I thought royal jellies were rare/ex,
so I slept my link and used the first jelly before killing the link.

When I first tried farming royal jelly for a windurst quest, it took me an hour just to get one. But this time, I farmed up about 10 in 3 hours. Perhaps it’s because I’m 75 DRK and it makes killing those bees faster.

Gotta love it when things like this happen. 

In the end, I got a total of 0.6 for cooking.

Next day, I decided to use the 7 pieces of dragon meat I’ve been saving. It also happened to be Full Moon phase.

First synth broke ( >_<)  But a nice 0.2 on the second and third synth.

Then I ran out of dragon meat. At this point, I was 99.9 at cooking. So I bought a piece of dragon meat from the AH and…

Mua hahahahaha!