Bangkok – Day 7 – Last Day

Felt better. But still a bit of headache.

Anyway, It’s good to be back in Singapore. The food may not be as good and cheap as Thailand’s but at least the tapwater here is tasteless and safe to drink.

My flight landed at 11pm SG time. Going past the immigrations was a breeze. No long queues. But damn, my luggage took 20 minutes to come out.  

Now I’m back to my usual life, work and FFXI. Content. 極楽極楽。。。 (´ー`)

Bangkok – Day 5-6

Ahhh… Mild food poisoning? Woke up at 6am today for my first diarrhoea session. Went back to sleep and another at 7.30. But this time, I feel so weak all over and I also feel like vomitting.

No urge for coffee. No appetite. Drank lots of water.

Gahh… I feel terrible… 

Bangkok – Day 3-4

Wow… I’m actually handling my lack of FFXI quite well. For the last few days, I’ve been working from 9 to 9, go out for dinner and when I’m back in my room, it’s about 11pm. Watch an episode of JDrama (Koukou Kyoushi) that I burned onto DVD then go sleep.

Today’s Sunday, spent the morning shopping at Chatuchat. It’s a big market and lots of stuff are sold there. Bought myself an army knife which costs 400 Baht (S$18-20) only. Left in the afternoon because the sun here is hotter than in the beaches of Singapore.

I got downgraded to a 1-bedroom apartment. The new room is poorly equipped then the previous one. ( T-T)

The coils of the electric kettle seems to have a green rust on it. Don’t know if it’s safe to drink the water boiled from there. No pots for me to boil some water over the stove.

I have a bigger bed now, enough for 3 people to sleep on! The room has a nice dark atmosphere but it’s located on the second floor so no more nice scenery outside the window. I flip the window blinds and all I see is the multi-storey carpark.

Oh yea, my toilet has glass doors. Totally clear and transparent. If I just shift this TV a little, I could shower/shit and watch TV at the same time. AND WHERE’S THE GODDAMN REMOTE CONTROL FOR MY TV!?!?!?

The beauty of USB Thumbdrives

While most people use thumbdrives for storing or exchanging data with other people, I ran a slew of programs on mine.

Before my work PC in office went nuts, I managed to setup a web server and database server to run from my 128MB USB1.1 thumbdrive. It worked wonderfully thanks to PortableWebAp. Note: The current version 1.2 of PWA runs the apache webserver on default port 80 and mysql on default port 3306. Although I’ve managed to reconfigure them to run on different ports (800 and 33060 respectively), I’m unable to reconfigure the launcher program of PWA to point to http://localhost:800/ instead of the default http://localhost/.

From then, because USB1.1 was too slow, I spent my own money to get a 1GB USB2.0 thumbdrive for S$129.00. With all this extra space, I used it to store some important files and tried to load in a few more programs.

FlashFXP (FTP client), CrimsonEditor (text editor for my PHP files) – Requires registry editing each time when run on a new PC, now trying out EditPlus cos it seems to work better on USB then CrimsonEditor, copied in my winamp folder and it’s working fine so far, installed Miranda as my MSN and IRC client and set up Portable Thunderbird as my email program for work and home email.

There’s also portable versions of free word processing software customized to run on USB thumbdrives and Firefox internet browsers. More here.

Great to have most of my frequently used software installed and run independently on thumbdrives. Here’s also a true story that happened to me 2 days ago.

For some unknown reason, WindowsXP suddenly fails to boot up in Normal mode, a blue screen with the words "Page Fault in non-paged area" shows up. So the only thing I can do is boot into safe mode and perform a system restore. With all my apps installed on USB, I wasn’t afraid of losing anything critical, especially my current CRM project.

The only things I lost through that system restore was my Firefox installation, Skype software, my wallpaper, which is all pretty easy to recover. I also have an exported copy of my Firefox bookmarks and adblock filters onto the thumbdrive.

Oh, and one thing I like about exported Firefox bookmarks, they are saved as .html files so you can open it with any browser and click on the links inside. It’s like having your list of bookmarks converted into a webpage.

But be warned that thumbdrives don’t last forever, but at least a long time and you’d want to make backups once in a while.

Bangkok – Day 1-2

Nothing much to say, all work related. ( T-T)

Hmmm…. The Thai food here is very delicious! Better than the ones in Singapore. And they’re cheap too. Very cheap.

Lots of updates and fixes to make to the CRM web app I’m working on.

An introduction and training session has been conducted by my boss on this CRM, the sales managers and senior managers look quite happy so far. Which somehow, makes me want to work harder on this project.

Oh yea, the female sales managers here are very pretty! [XD]

The shops and cafes near my serviced apartment look very unique. Small and cosy. Alas, I have no camera with me.