Fast music is bad for jogging

I pushed myself a little too hard at jogging today.

To the point I fainted.

Judging from the position of the music on my ipod, I suppose I was out for 5~10 minutes.

I felt comfortable, had a dream. Then the image of my mum popped in and in my less than sub-conscious state, as if my body was moving by itself, got up and lied down on the nearest bench.

With my eyes open, I just stared blankly until I mustered enough strength to sit up. Then sat there for a while before I started walking myself home.

Went to a 24 hour clinic which told me I needed to go to the hospital.

Had a deep cut on my chin and little finger, kept bleeding, need to be stitched.

Doctor said I probably didn’t have enough sugar in my blood.

At least now my fears of being close to diabetic can be dismissed.