Second visit to Japan

It’s going to happen in about 18 days from this post.
And I haven’t even changed all the money yet because of the poor exchange rates.

Originally planned to go for 10 days, from 6 Nov to 16 Nov. But if I can get my extra 2 days of leave approved, I’m going to spend 2 weeks there! I don’t care if I have to pay extra for the change of dates for my plane tickets. I’m even going to tap into my savings just for this trip.

At first I was anxious, scared, wanted to change my mind.

But after seeing some photos other people took on their visit to Japan, I’ve got the sudden urge to just teleport there right now! Too bad I can’t.

This time, I will be meeting up with a lot of people there whom I’ve met through Final Fantasy XI. Mostly linkshell friends from TeamKANICAN. The only linkshell I felt most at home with!