Evangelion 2.0 again

I just watched Evangelion 2.0 again today.

I know I’ve watched a great movie when I’m left stunned and speechless at the end with my heart beating a little fast.

Evangelion 2.0

Finally managed to watch this in the local cinema with my anime group.

Someone from a local anime group, SGAB, decided to gather enough people to book the whole cinema on a certain time slot. It just so happens that we wanted to watch on that same time slot so we joined in the fun. They managed to get enough to fully book the cinema.

I enjoyed the movie a lot, I give it 10/10 and that’s all I’m going to say.

So when the credits started rolling, knowing the whole room is filled with fans, I started clapping and this time round, quite a number of people followed. It felt awesome.

We had a few problems though. We we’re told free seating, but some of us got chased away by actual ticket holders for those seats. So they had to sit in the front row which is too near to watch comfortably. Bad planning on the organizer’s part.