One of my pet projects is a webmail client that uses email sending services like Sendgrid to send and receive email. This would be cheaper, and perhaps free, than buying a mailbox account from services like Namecheap (USD 9 per year). Provided you don’t exceed their limits.

I would lose out on the IMAP features but I plan to implement discord notifications via webhooks. And maybe I can try implementing an IMAP server should I ever find a good library for it.

While working for this project, I wanted to know what data is being sent to my webhook but since this project is still under development, I didn’t want to setup the server for it yet.

This led me to build that lets me create webhook URLs and view the data that gets sent to it.

Built in 2 days using the TALL stack: TailwindCSS, AlpineJS, Laravel, Livewire. The process has been enjoyable.