DRKs aren’t given up on yet!

Last night, as I was about to change my Job to a level 10 Thief in Windurst,
I received 2 tells from different parties, both interested in having me for an
exp party. [XD] I’m happy because I wasn’t even in Jeuno and I didn’t have my
“Looking For Party” flag up.

The first one came from a Japanese player and with my meagre understanding of
Japanese, I was able to understand that he/she was asking how much exp I need to
level up. But she had to reject me because I was close to levelling and if I
did, the experience points gained per kill would drop significantly because the
monster would be of lower difficulty once I levelled.

The second one was from an American, who mistook me for a Dragoon. This is
the second time I got mistaken for a Dragoon in a week. Probably because the
acronyms for Dark Knight and Dragoon are DRK and DRG respectively. Anyways,
I got invited into the party and because at that time, we were
desperate for a tank so a level 57 Paladin was invited. We had a huge exp hit
but it didn’t matter to me (since I was close to hitting level 55) nor the
2 Japanese players already in the party.

Before we set out, I bought a Royal Knight’s Chainmail for 70K gil, thinking
I could finally get out of my Brigandine this evening. But alas! Our Bard
disconnected and without her Madrigal’s, my attacks keep missing. Absorb-AGI
helped only for a short duration and weakens as time passes.

Everything ended with me, 240 exp points to next level. T_T

Still, the fact that I got 2 invites despite being in a different place and
no intention for an exp party that night made me glad. I might hold back
levelling Thief for a while and see how it goes.


Just when I thought things could get more fun, it became {Incredibly tough} for me to find a party invite for levelling. [:(]

It’s Saturday and I spent the whole day waiting for a party invite. While waiting, I watched Kyou Kara Maou on my second computer. At the end of the day, all I got was an invitation into a poorly formed english party. I ended up earning only 3000 exp points over the course of 3 hours.

This party consisted of a NIN/WAR (tank), DRK/WAR (damage dealer aka me), SMN/WHM (healer), BLM/SMN (magic burster), THF/NIN (hate control), RNG/NIN (damage dealer). As experienced FFXI players know, we had no BRD or RDM to speed up MP recovery, we have a slightly gimped healer, and one too many meelees.

But despite that, we managed to kill but have high downtime. Worse, the RNG refused to change camp spot even though the Robber Crabs at Kuftal Tunnels spawn near us. The neighbouring party had left and we were the only ones left. So we ended up with the SMN and NIN dead when a crab spawned while we’re halfway fighting another one. The SMN summoned Fenrir to attack the second crab that aggroed us but instead, accidentally hit a lizard.

There are too many other DRKs in my server. You have to have some reputation or good equipment or being a Japanese to have a high chance of being invited over the others. That, or I just have bad luck looking for a good exp party these few weeks. {/sigh} {/cry}

RSS2.0 Newsfeed added

Some friends on IRC asked me to provide a newsfeed so they can check for updates via their rss reader. So here it is! The link to the file is on the right section. Wrote the whole thing in about an hour while waiting for a exp party invite in Final Fantasy.

Sitex 2004 – Razer Event

Sitex, IT and consumer electronics exhibition, has never interested me ever
since my first visit to one. There’s never any worthy promotions and stuff to
buy. But I went down yesterday just to accompany a friend to a Quake 3 match
with this supposedly, world’s number 1 female Quaker. It was a 10 minute match
and whoever beat her to 12 frags first will win S$1000.

Before the first round of challengers begin, we walked around the place and I
got to play Soul Calibur 2 on the XBoX. Used my favourite character, Isabella
Valentine (Ivy) and completed the game! Well, that’s because someone set the
difficulty to 1 I guess. For the first 5 rounds, the AI was practically standing
there not doing anything.

Buzz, the guy I went with, used to be Singapore’s number 3 quaker. I don’t
know how his skills would rank him now. By the way, skinny man just received his
enlistment letter. Good luck!

Back to this competition thing, he was the last person of the first group of
challengers. Unlike the other challengers, he greeted Ms X during the warmup
round. Ignoring the rules, he pulled down the console and made sensitivity
changes. Players weren’t allowed to change the controls in “the fucking interest
of time”. It doesn’t take forever to change the controls to suit the

Anyways, of the first group, he’s the only one who survived longest, 8
minutes, and almost fragged her. Score is Ms X 12 – Buzz 0. Organizers awarded
him with a Razer Diamondback mouse. Worth about S$105. Check link 2 for
the thread at HTGK forums for some photos and info on later groups, where
someone managed to frag her once.

Link 1: The challenge.
Link 2: Thread discussion in HTGK Forums.

Photos, taken from Link 2.

Ms X vs Buzz

Ms X

Theres something about Original Software

2 new original software came in this morning at work. A Visual Basic.net Standard and Photoshop CS. Of course, the VB.net package is the first to be torn open by me. [XD]

Too bad there’s no tall wallspace at my cubical to stick up some of the VB.net posters. They would sure make me feel more like a developer and give a little motivation boost. Heh.

Right now I’m struggling with another bad cold. Nose running, eyes watery. Sheesh. I’m beginning to suspect the dust in the office. Perhaps it’s time for the aircon filters to be serviced again.