Sitex 2004 – Razer Event

Sitex, IT and consumer electronics exhibition, has never interested me ever
since my first visit to one. There’s never any worthy promotions and stuff to
buy. But I went down yesterday just to accompany a friend to a Quake 3 match
with this supposedly, world’s number 1 female Quaker. It was a 10 minute match
and whoever beat her to 12 frags first will win S$1000.

Before the first round of challengers begin, we walked around the place and I
got to play Soul Calibur 2 on the XBoX. Used my favourite character, Isabella
Valentine (Ivy) and completed the game! Well, that’s because someone set the
difficulty to 1 I guess. For the first 5 rounds, the AI was practically standing
there not doing anything.

Buzz, the guy I went with, used to be Singapore’s number 3 quaker. I don’t
know how his skills would rank him now. By the way, skinny man just received his
enlistment letter. Good luck!

Back to this competition thing, he was the last person of the first group of
challengers. Unlike the other challengers, he greeted Ms X during the warmup
round. Ignoring the rules, he pulled down the console and made sensitivity
changes. Players weren’t allowed to change the controls in “the fucking interest
of time”. It doesn’t take forever to change the controls to suit the

Anyways, of the first group, he’s the only one who survived longest, 8
minutes, and almost fragged her. Score is Ms X 12 – Buzz 0. Organizers awarded
him with a Razer Diamondback mouse. Worth about S$105. Check link 2 for
the thread at HTGK forums for some photos and info on later groups, where
someone managed to frag her once.

Link 1: The challenge.
Link 2: Thread discussion in HTGK Forums.

Photos, taken from Link 2.

Ms X vs Buzz

Ms X

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