Ground Strike Love

Another Kirin fight last Saturday~ ( ´―`)



This time, I used Yellow Curry as my food, boosts my attack to around 510-520. ( °Д°)



300% TP, Souleater, Last Resort, Flee, run up to Kirin’s back and
Sneak Attack + Ground Strike!! ヽ( `Д´)ノ



Wyred uses Ground Strike.
Kirin takes 1482 points of damage.
Skillchain: Light.
Kirin takes 185 points of damage.
Kirin uses Deadly Hold.
Wyred takes 704 points of damage.
Wyred (°∀°)



Sweet. Almost there. Just need to get my Hecatomb mittens, and use Bison Steak next time. Maybe with these, I may hit the 1600 mark. With the accuracy equip I had that time, I could hit Kirin at around 60% accuracy and damage done with each hit ranging from 40-90. Absolutely no 0 damage hits. ^^



Kirin dropped Shining Cloth and Neptunal Abjuration: Body! Congrats to Hellokittie!



Later that night after Kirin…. We all teleported down to Misareaux Coast and try the NM that drops Tatami Shield!! ( °ロ°)



Death-ga! (;´Д`)ハァハァ



Devastating Thundagas and Body Slams. Can’t stun it because it’s thunder resistant. The first run had the most deaths. But we improved over the second and third run. Sadly the shield didn’t drop for all 3 fights because we used the NQ version of the pop items. Guess it’s not worth to try this using the NQ pop item. ( ´ハ`)



Still, it was fun overall. ( ´ー`)



For those who don’t know, this is a feeble attempt at blogging JP style. w


Managing an LS alone, especially Sky HNM one, is not a simple task. ( >_<)
Tesutamento, my JP friend who offered to take up the position left because being a leader made the game not fun anymore for him. ( T-T)

I don’t know when but I’ll take responsibility until then.

Anyways, I got the last kill on Kirin! 300%TP, Souleater, Ground Strike for 992… ( ´Д`)
Don’t know if this is good or bad but comparing to another DRK who did 2000 on Kirin, I suck. Shining Cloth dropped by the way.

On the other hand, I think I do more damage using sneak attack every minute on Kirin instead of standing in the corridor drinking sleeping potions like beer till 300%TP. My SA damage ranges from 90-150. Takes me about 20 minutes to get 300%TP and fire off Spiral Hell and then Flee for my dear life.

My friend terminated his webhost account so until I upgrade my home connection, I probably won’t be posting much pics.

Helped Coolio with KS30: Copycat. 4 fights planned. Setup: WAR RNG BLM RDM DRK BRD.

The NM is an ahriman who charms everyone in the PT. The charm sequence seems to be based on the order the people joined the PT. The ahriman charmed in sequence as expected for the first 2 battles but started to go random for the last 2.

It charms another person after 30 seconds. Keeping in mind the person before me is Traktor, BLM, I begin a mental countdown when I see him charmed. Before my turn comes, I hit a macro that switches my main weapon to the event item I got that day, a Pitchfork +1, change my body equip to Hecatomb for longer delay. I kept my Sniper Rings on for Dark resistance -40 so I can be easily slept.

Initially, I was asked to go Hand-to-Hand but I had high skill in Hand-to-Hand because of my lv 25 Monk job, but even with /thf, I did not even have polearm skill. I only missed countdown once, and I hit my RDM twice for 200+ damage, lol.

It’s a fun KSNM battle.

This is how games should be played

A friend showed me this vid today. "Fucking awesome" can’t even describe half of what I’m feeling right now.

A footage from the Street Fighter game. It’s only about a minute long. Please watch it.

We see these situations so many times in animes/movies it gets rather boring and not surprising. But to actually see the "real" thing happen is extremely awesome…

FFXI Drama

When I first started the game, it all seems like a happy world, no such thing as drama. I’m not good at writing so bear with me. I have too many thoughts on this topic.

Once a while I would come across players who think they’re the only person in the game. But such players quit soon after because they made a bad name for themselves, so not a problem here.

Now that I’m in 75 and involved in a Sky LS, I begin to see the real evil side of the game. Since my Lineage 2, Japan open beta days, I always thought of Japanese players as honest players. But in FFXI, slowly I come across JP players who would insult and make fun of you. These players are in their level 70s so they will probably be around for the next few months/years.

I am fucking glad no member in my Sky Linkshell behaves that way.

I don’t agree with people when they say this is just a game. However, I do not think we should get overly pissed with other people because of what happened in-game. HNMs will always respawn to be fought. EXP lost can be regained through a few fun exp pts (unless you hate your job, but if you hate your job, why play?). It’s not like getting MPKed in-game will cause your real-life lifespan to shorten a few years.

Anyways, a little JP tarutaru /cheered me when I was soloing Olavia’s escort quest. My chat log was moving fast so I missed it >_<. But I appreciate that little emote. Small simple things like this makes the game so much more enjoyable.

It seems to me that some players become selfish and hateful because of other players’ actions. Which is why I will offer help to anyone that needs it, hoping they would understand that not everyone are bad people and learn to be forgiving. OhmyfuckinggodIsaidsomethingcheesysohere’safuckwordtobalancethings.

I want to take this chance to present to you something Mahatma Ghandi said: "An eye for an eye only makes the world go blind."

Hecatomb Harness

Last Friday, 全力全開’s Kirin battle went smoothly and we improved our battle time to 1 hour 20 minutes I think. A little more death’s than our previous run because of tank dying, having their hate reset through deaths makes it easier for BLMs to get hate.

Anyways, the Neptunal Abjuration: Body dropped [XD].

Hellokittie and I had interest in the abjuration, neither of us invoked the 20P rule, so we both cast lots.

I bought the materials for crafting the cursed harness. Everything costs 1 million. The crafted piece costs 1.4 million. So if I get it crafted, I would save 400,000gil. But alas….

Since there isn’t any oxblood on Jeuno’s AH at that time, I went ahead with buying a crafted piece from the AH. ( T-T)

With the Abjuration and Cursed Harness, I flew to the cathedral in North Sand’Oria to get it uncursed. Ta-da!

My 2.4 million gil Hecatomb Harness….. ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

I noticed about 100+ increase in damage for most of my SATA Spinning Slash now. And also around 100+ increase on Kirin for Spiral Hell and Ground Strike, both around 800-999. But still not good enough. Other DRKs are doing 1200-2000 on Kirin. >_< Should work on merits soon and throw them into my Scythe and Great Sword skill.

When wearing this harness, my TP per swing went up by 2%. I usually get 12% TP per swing but now, 14%. It should help solve my problem of always getting 98% TP in EXP PTs and then wasting another 7 seconds waiting for my next swing in order to break 100% TP for WS. In EXP PTs, 7 seconds is a looooong time. ( T-T)