Fatal Frame

A few weeks ago, I found out that Gamescore, a local game shop, has brought in all 3 original Fatal Frame titles for the PS2. When I just bought my PS2 Slim more than 2 years ago,  I went around looking to buy this title but couldn’t find it anywhere. So last week when I finally had some free time after work, I went down to Funan IT Mall to Gamescore to buy all 3.

I love this series so much that even though I’ve already downloaded financially-friendly copies of all 3 games from the internet (only because I couldn’t find it anywhere), I still went ahead and bought the originals without regret.

And now is also a good time to play this game because it’s the Chinese Hungry Ghost Festival. :d
(I’m not very religious/spiritual by the way.)

Every night as I play Fatal Frame, it has never failed to give me the creeps. I do enjoy folklore horror stories like these. One other example I can think of right now is “Silent Hill“.

The gameplay is simple. You explore an abandoned Japanese mansion, going around solving puzzles and armed with only a camera that can exorcise ghosts with a few shots. The ambience and sound in this game easily gives me the chills.

The first time I played Fatal Frame was back in my student days, our class had organized a chalet and someone brought his PS2 there. I played the game all through the night, until there was so much adrenaline that I started hearing things and so I stopped. I had wanted to complete the game before the chalet ends but failed to do so.

The second time was when I went back to visit my relatives in Malaysia. My cousin had PS2 and the second Fatal Frame title. I failed to finish it before I return to Singapore.

Just these 2 encounters with this series, is enough to make me a fan.