And we’re back

Finally uploaded every single entry from my backup 1 year ago. I’ve lost about a year of memorable entries and treasured comments. I’ve managed to recover some FFXI related entries from TTTO too. But silly wordpress somehow doesn’t export the full entry in the RSS feed and I end up having some of them chopped off.

This blog is now running on my paid webhost which I purchased for TTTO. At least it should be safer in a data center right?





This has been a painful experience to me. I’ve been wanting to get a NAS server to back up all my data before this shit happened but I kept pushing it back because of financial challenges. And then shit really happened.

Hate Murphy’s Law.

Once again, thanks to all my friends for all the concern and well wishes.

Carbonara, fries and beef patties with cheese

After my previous success with making cold soba, the low cost and simplicity in preparing that dish inspired me to explore cooking a little further.

Fries, Carbonara, Beef patties with cheese

The carbonara cream comes prepared in a jar, so all I had to do was heat it up and pour it over my pasta.

Just last night, I made some teriyaki salmon. It turned out fine and delicious.

In FFXI news, after calling up vPost and making some inquiries, they’ve seemed to have finally located my security token in the US. Looks like I’ll finally be able to get my Mog Satchel unlocked.

Work has been busy, hopefully I’ll be able to squeeze out a bit of time to restore this blog soon, with 2 recent years of entries lost. orz

Temptations for a new computer

So last Friday my PC at work died right? Thus I went down to shop for a new one. I get to customize the parts I want.

I went for a quad-core PC because I always run a lot of apps. Photoshop, notepad++, multiple browsers, IIS, MySQL, outlook, etc.

I also went for a faster SATA harddisk, 2 sticks of 2GB ram, a cheap but good graphics card. It all totalled to $970. Pretty cheap for a strong computer.

Thus, I’m tempted to upgrade my gaming computer at home. I’ll probably do so when I get my bonus salary this year.

All the while I’ve been using a SFF PC as my 24/7 PC running bittorrent and serving my blog.

I suppose the cooling isn’t good enough. I might revive one of my old computer case to use as my next 24/7 PC, and the SFF as my portable one for LAN parties or experiment with all those different Linux OSes out there.

Back up, back up

Slowly backing up all my files to the NAS. Don’t intend to do this one shot in fear of killing the drive.

Probably another week or 2 before I start restoring everything.

The other day when I was at SLS shopping getting my NAS replaced, I checked out this Indian shop who also provided data recovery service.

The guy quoted me $600 for the data recovery service. Once I get my harddisk back from the other company, I’ll send it to this shop to try.

Silly proxy, silly me

My bad luck with computers didn’t stop, it has affected my webhost and thousands of sites were down for a few hours.

Meanwhile, I need to get my NAS working and backup some files on my gaming computer,
so that I can pull out one of it’s harddisks to use on my other computer,
so that I can access the other harddisk on my server computer to check for backups.

I got the NAS to work after a lot of crazy troubleshooting which involved disturbing a friend and pulling out a spare modem and having wires run all over the place.

Turns out that  I confused DNS server with proxy server and I didn’t disable the proxy server setting in my browser. Thus I couldn’t access anything in my own LAN because it was going through the proxy.