And we’re back

Finally uploaded every single entry from my backup 1 year ago. I’ve lost about a year of memorable entries and treasured comments. I’ve managed to recover some FFXI related entries from TTTO too. But silly wordpress somehow doesn’t export the full entry in the RSS feed and I end up having some of them chopped off.

This blog is now running on my paid webhost which I purchased for TTTO. At least it should be safer in a data center right?





This has been a painful experience to me. I’ve been wanting to get a NAS server to back up all my data before this shit happened but I kept pushing it back because of financial challenges. And then shit really happened.

Hate Murphy’s Law.

Once again, thanks to all my friends for all the concern and well wishes.

4 Replies to “And we’re back”

  1. Just think, Wyred… that’s more space to fill with more memories!! (=D)… ok, whatever. Yeah, you’re never going to “totally” recover from this. I still twitch a little when I think of all those (awesome) screenshots I lost… and other memories…

    But, look on the bright side!! You got free Imperial Coffee +1 from me!! (XD)

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