Temporary solution to Galaxynet’s spammers

Everyone who IRCs on Galaxynet should know about the recent comeback of a horde of spammers. Don’t know what the mastermind is thinking but I can tell you his immature logic is: “If 1 tree offends you, you burn the whole forest.”

Since his bots join the channel, does 2 /notices and then /part, all in the short period of probably less than 10 seconds, here’s a solution I propose to all channel ops, Delayed Voicing. Which is to voice users after they’ve joined and stayed in the channel for a specific period of time (15 seconds in this case). Of course, this means you have to set the moderation (+m) flag on.

;shameless self promotion. lol. Replace #peace with # for all channels you are
;on or add in more channels. Eg, on *:JOIN:#onechan,#twochan,#threechan:{

on *:JOIN:#peace:{
  ;delete the following line if you do not wish to have a greeting message.
  .notice $nick Welcome to $chan $+ . Please wait 15 seconds for your voice (+v).

  ;this line does the whole trick. Creates a unique 15 second timer for each nick
  ;that joins the channel. Edit the values as neccessary to increase or decrease
  .timer $+ $nick 1 15 /mode $chan +v $nick

The green colored lines that begin with a semicolon (;) are comments. They can be remove and will not affect the entire script.

Instructions to load the above code…

  1. In mIRC, hit alt+r to access the script editor.

  2. At the menu on top, click on File, New, and you will be given a blank page.

  3. Copy and paste the above code into the blank page, edit as neccessary.

  4. File, Save.

It’s fairly simple. There are probably many ways to further improve this so do post your comments to help every Galaxynet IRCer.

Singapore Idle

Firstly, allow me to declare that I have given up on television and even gave up my personal TV in my room when the one in the living room malfunctioned. Because local TV shows are crap and I don’t have time to watch American comedies anymore.

I had a chance to watch Singapore Idol back at a friend’s chalet celebrating her 21st birthday. Hell was it disturbing. These participants, so fake. The way they behave irritates me to the bone.

End of the day, I’d bet the whole show is not about finding Singapore’s talented person. Rather, finding the next “William Hung” to do advertisements, promotions. In other words, another fucking cash cow.


It’s been decided. I’m gonna take a 5-day leave in 2 weeks and aim to finish watching 30GBs of anime and hours of intensive gaming. I might even try a 24Hour non-stop anime watching and 24 hour non-stop FFXI. Sounds crazy? No. I’m not the only person in this world attempting this feat.

The other day my mum told me about this kid who died because he spent long hours on his computer gaming. I say he neglected taking care of himself (So stop blaming computers!). In other words, I know what I’m doing. [:)]

First Panic

Gahhh… Here’s what happened at work.

We had 2 copies of amarahotels.com. One on Linux server, one on Windows. At first when I joined my company, I had to fix the problem where the ASP files weren’t working. Heh, they were running on the Linux server which does not support ASP. So we called them up and had it moved the the Windows server. Everything went well.

Just recently, I sent an email to my webhost providers to remove that copy because it’s taking up disk space. About 170MB. And a representative replied that he had the site disabled instead of removing it.

So I got a call from the people at Amara Hotels this morning. Apparently the site went down. So after a bit of checking on the control-panel, it turned out that the DNS records resides on the Linux server and it was disabled together with the site.

I have the site re-enabled now, everything’s back to normal, but my original purpose remains unresolved. [X(]

And by the way, this is not the first time this webhost is giving me problems.

Just one more day

And then it’s another weekend~

In a desperate attempt to stay awake, I pulled out my 220MB .tiff file of a
scan of my sketches and played around hoping to come up with a new blog cover
image. The result as shown above. If you still see the old “movie poster” cover
image, do a ctrl+F5 on your browser.

This piece was drawn back in my poly days. Drawing it was also an attempt to
stay awake in class but I ended up not listening to the lectures. [X(] This is
also, my most proud piece of work for the last 20 years. Depended on nothing
else but a mechanical pencil, my hands, liquid paper and let my feelings do the

View a cleaner, full image of my work here: http://www.deviantart.com/view/3899606/