The Celestial Nexus

Grabbed a few LS friends and we went to do the last BC in the Zilart storyline!

Funny thing happened when we arrived at the Celestial Nexus zone. As some of us haven’t cleared this BC before, it was the first time we’ve visited this zone.

Upon arriving, there’s a gate, which we newbies assumed it was for getting into the BC. Turns out it was just a normal gate and you have to go through about 2 of these to reach the actual BC entrance. We stood there for a good 5 minutes wondering where the other members were, until they told us to go in. We laughed.

We never examine the gate for fear of starting the BC prematurely or something.

This last battle turned out to be easy. I guess it’s because back then, there were no merits or people weren’t heavily meritted so it was a challenge.

Setup: NIN/WAR, RDM/NIN, WHM/BLM, BLM/NIN, WAR/NIN, DRK/NIN. Having shadows helps as most (or all?) of the weaponskills the boss uses can be absorbed with utsusemi.

Death by dread spikes. :D

The second form was easily defeated too as he doesn’t have a lot of HP.

Finally finished the Zilart missions. Funny how I finished the Promathia missions first.

KSNM99 – Wyrm

Did 2 KSNM99 BCs with my Sky LS on Saturday. This time we challenge "Early bird catches the Wyrm".

Alliance Setup:

Tank PT:


Melee PT:

The setup was a little different for the first run. We had 16 people on the first run and only 2 BLMs. We still won however, and since it’s the first time for a lot of us, a lot was learned.

For the first round, we took a long time and used 2 chainspell stuns. Because of the lack of BLMs, we couldn’t deal enough damage to get it to land quickly when it flew.

When we finally got it to land, it was facing the entrance (at first it wasn’t) where a lot of mages were, which resulted in a few double/triple deaths as it used dragon breath.

I was the backup PLD/NIN and I think I was probably the only person who contributed least, lol. The main tanks did a great job.

As we get prepared for our second run, a few members switched jobs, and we used COR’s 2HR ability(got lucky) to reset the 2HRs for our RDMs.

2 more members joined us and they were BLMs.

After some discussion we began the second round. It went a lot better and we had very good drops!

Speed belt and wyrm beard! 1/2 on speed belt for us. Both runs we had our THF open the coffer for us.

Nothing much on Sunday. I reached 57 for NIN and can finally put my Hocho(cooking+3) to use! Also got back my Chaos Burgeonet +1. :)

this month sucks

Spent about $400 on medical expenses. ( >_<)

I’ve been eating too much which causes me to have a mild case of Gout. I also had fever and headache for 3 weeks, but I didn’t visit the doctor’s because it was still tolerable and I had important work to finish. And when I finally got them done, I went to see the doctor. 2 days of medical leave. :D

She advised that I take a simple blood test. Then after I mentioned the fever and headache that I had for 3 weeks, she said I should take a full test which costs slightly more than $200.

The results came back a week later, mostly good news. Just that my Hepatitis immunisation or something was low and so I had to take 2 injections which costs $100+. :(

Results also show I’m low on good cholesterol, haha. It means I haven’t been exercising.

So I bought some sport shoes and looked up a few friends to go to the gym with me every fortnight.

withdrawal symptons?

This week, I’ve cut down my FFXI playtime by half. When I get home from work, I avoid logging on unless it’s for the AH or besiege.

And it feels refreshing.

The last 2 nights, I had dreams of FFXI. First night, I dreamt I had uncursed my blood cuisses. Just like that, a short dream.

The second one was more vivid. I dreamt I was a war dual wielding axes. In that dream, I wasn’t just controlling the character, I was the character. I was probably a WAR in the 70s because I had AF legs and feet on and could cast Utsusemi:Ichi and Ni. I was in some kind of BC with a friend.

Back to real life, I haven’t been doing much to improve my character’s skills(merits), equip or levelling other jobs. Just doing lots of crafting to earn gil to buy dynamis currency. This week has been slow. Stuff takes longer than usual to sell.

And speaking of crafting, from some interviews with SE, it seems that SE knows about that there are RMTs in the crafting business. I’m anxious to see what they can come up to fix this problem. 

A chocolate coronet outing

My friends in IRC, #animemedia wanted to eat chocolate coronets.

Thanks to Konata in the first episode of Lucky Star. I think a good 5 minutes in that episode was spent debating which is the head and which is the tail and the many ways of eating it.

One of the places we know that sell these is Provence at Holland Village. So we had a small gathering.

We met up, some were late but anyway we fulfilled the objective of this outing. To discuss and eat chocolate coronets in different ways. Haha

After that, we walked to Haagen Daz for some ice cream. We chat and just lazed around for a few hours. It’s been a while since I lazed around like that. My schedule has been so busy!