Another Chapter

Quit my full time job in March and started taking a break from full time work since the start of April.

The first week of April had me busy moving all the stuff in my room to my new home. The huge Ikea Galant table was the hardest, but I managed to move it over single handedly.

Managed to get the neccessary things moved over before the COVID-19 lockdown.

The next few weeks and months, I spent my time doing nothing productive. And because of the lockdown, I didn’t travel further than 200 metres away from home, and was comfortable with it.

In July, I began working on my own SaaS (Software as a Service) product whose details I won’t share much publicly until it’s done.

Every morning I wake up at 8am, make or buy breakfast. Take a shower and with a cup of hot coffee, I sit down in front of my computer and begin working while listening to music from my old yet wonderful Klipsch Promedia GMX 2.1 speakers.

Being someone who enjoys staying at home, I don’t feel affected much by COVID-19. Perhaps I will when I begin searching for a job if my SaaS product doesn’t take off.

But for now, it feels good to have a spacious and comfortable room to work in.


My first post on this blog was dated 1st Jan 2004. I’m quite sure I started blogged 1~2 years before that. So it makes it about 18 years of blogging. Back then the blog was named “Elusive Emotions”, because of the various thoughts and emotions that I was experiencing back then during my student years. (most likely I was just an emo person back then, lol)

Looking back at my 2004 post, I had apparently spent the night alone at Orchard Road, witnessing the chaos everywhere at countdown. This year, I opted to just spend the night at home, gaming, chatting and drinking with my Japanese friends. Didn’t even bother to look out the window to listen for fireworks anymore.

2019 has been the peak of my life so far. I bought a house, and will finally get to enjoy air conditioning. I had the storeroom separating 2 rooms torn down in order to combine the 2 rooms to make one long room for myself.

As of now, the renovation is still in progress. Some parts of the house may not be visually pleasing to many but it’s mostly because this apartment I bought is old and so the structure isn’t aircon-pipe friendly. I can live with it though. I’m just happy to finally have more space for myself, and much better living conditions for my parents.

As a person who enjoys sci-fi movies a lot, this decade would be my favourite. Back then, futuristic movies often refer to years in this decade. (I can’t think of any titles so I’m just basing it off my feelings).

Can’t wait to see how far technology will progress this decade.

World History

Recently countries have been giving each other shit for the war crimes that were made in the past. While it is important to remember them so as not to make the same mistake again, it is also important for mankind to move on.

Events that have happened in the past have led us to where we are today. It is nothing to be proud of, yet should not be forgotten.

And I feel that it is not something that should be made used of in today’s politics.

Shopping Spree

This month might the one month I bought a lot of stuff.

4 albums from a band that’s no longer around: “Thee Michelle Gun Elephant”

A pair of PlayStation wireless gold headphones, because the one I originally had, broke.

The new iPad Mini 5th gen. Because my 64GB 4th gen one is starting to run out of space.

The new MacBook Pro with an 8-core CPU, 32GB of ram and 512GB SSD. Because my old 2015 model is only dual-core with 16GB ram and 128GB SSD and as my dev tools improve, so do their processing power requirements.

A USB-C dongle and an HDMI cable because the damn new MacBook Pro only has USB-C ports.

An extra 87W power adapter and a USB-C charging cable so I don’t have to bring them back and forth from office and home.

I still have a FF14 album “Journeys” that will be released mid June, which I bought together with a FF14 book which contains all the stores released on their website.

And soon at the end of the month or early July, the FF14 ShadowBringers expansion, where I had ordered the physical copy of the collector’s edition.

The most expensive purchase is the MacBook Pro. I had upgraded its default specs and bought AppleCare+ for it. I’m hoping this would last me at least 5 years, and anything longer would be a blessing.

I might try to get a cheap, used 4K monitor for work.

Another way to stay happy

I’ve come across many instances where friends or acquaintances try to challenge every statement you make based on what they learned from videos on facebook.

Depending on the severity of what was being challenged, which most of the time is menial, instead of arguing back, I think it’s better to just ignore it and carry on with our lives.