Dead bees all over the place

As I step out of my house for work this morning, I see a cluster of dead bees on the floor outside my neighbour’s apartment. Let’s say about 20-30 dead bees.

A stone’s throw distance away, another cluster. And another, and another.

Walked down the stairs to the lift lobby. Found a huge cluster. Inside the elevator, about 3-4 dead bees on the floor. I took a closer look and notice the abdomen is light yellowish. Could these be wasps instead? I don’t know myself.

I have no idea what happened last night but I’m glad it wasn’t those nights that I would go out and meet a friend for supper.

Seeing these clusters of dead bees on the floor makes my skin crawl…..

Anyone have any clue of what could have happened?

Klipsch Promedia GMX A-2.1

Without hesitating, I purchased this new set of speakers! Quite expensive (S$279) but all for the sake of music~ [XD] I wanted to get 5.1 speakers before but it seems I can’t really free up any more space in my room for it. ( T-T)

Read a bit on HWZ forums and learned that it’s recommended to upgrade the stock cables that came with it to minimize the hissing sound problem and better sound quality. So I went the extra mile and spent another S$75 for some good Canare cables.

The cable in the photo above belongs to someone else’s.

Need to make another trip down to Sim Lim Square to collect my cables. I think I went too late yesterday so the nice uncle didn’t have time to make for me.

Creative is going to release their new soundcard, the X-Fi series and I’m looking forward to getting this one this Comex 2005. I heard rumours that you can trade in your old soundcard for a $50 discount. But if you buy it without trading in, you get a set of headphones free. Also, I’ve read reviews about the X-Fi series and they are enough reason for me to get one.

Anxiously waiting for this weekend to come so I can pump up the volume in the afternoon!

Update: Oh my fucking god!!!!!! Orgasm for my ears!!!!!!!!

moving upstairs

Moving upstairs next week! There’s going to be a new guy coming in to assist me and there’s no more room on the second level of my office. Problem is, my desk is situated quite near to the toilet so if anyone of the 3 people that are located upstairs has a bad diarrhoea…. Ugh….

On the other hand, I will be free from people occasionally coming behind me to collect stuff they printed because the office printer/scanner/fax machine is located behind me. Yay! More privacy! [XD]

Ahhh… 1 year and 11 months of working in this company already… Time flies when you’re enjoying every second of it. 

Music! I want my music!

Ever since I updated the BIOS of my ST20G5 server PC, the on-board sound device failed. ( ´Д`)

I suspect it’s that time I fooled with the DirectX registry entries because my FFXI installation could not detected the DirectX version as something prior to ver8.1 and refused to start. But in fact, DirectX9.0c was installed. I came across a post in KI forums and found out that the Service Pack 1 I installed for this Windows2003 Standard Edition was the cause. But then, it was too late. [X|]

2 things I am going to try before I resort to reinstalling:

  1. Uninstall and Reinstall SP1 (may not be able to reinstall because I chose not to backup the files when isntalling SP1 back then)
  2. Run through the windows registry again and try to restore the changes I made.

Blah… it’s going to be a long Sunday. Expect intermittent errors during the next few days as I constantly reboot the OS to find out the problem.

Yea… I have everything backed up now! Haha.

Hah! I uninstalled SP1 and everything cocked up. Mouse and keyboard wouldn’t work. So yea, I reinstalled the whole OS. I plugged it into the router, wanting to do a windows update, and wanting to skip SP1 and ended up getting virused. Some lsass.exe thing failed and I’m forced to restart. Reinstalled Windows 2003 again, this time, I applied the SP1 patch I already had before exposing it to the internet.

The source of the audio problem, lies in SP1. I googled and found a patch for it at realtek website which now enables the onboard sound to work with my new BIOS and SP1. [X|]

Think I’ll google further on the DirectX9.0c issue at work tomorrow. The same thing happened to a friend but he was on WinXP with SP2 and for the game, World of Warcraft.

At last, level 75!

Around 12 months, the time I took to level my Dark Knight job to 75. Which is currently, the highest level one can reach for a job. It could have took me a shorter time if I concentrated on 1 job, but no, some times, I levelled other jobs for fun.

The last exp pt I had, a JP member had an urgent thing to attend to so I didn’t bother to try and get him to stay for the last 2000 exp points I needed to level up. Thus, I got some help and went to do the Port Bastok Escort Quest. The reward for this quest is an exp scroll. Sadly, I got only 800exp from this scroll.

So fuck it. I went to my usual sky event knowing I will get my 75 there that night. I kept looking at my exp bar and try to time so I level up when we kill Seiryu. Sadly, after Seiryu died, I was only 7 exp to next level. (;´Д`)

Everyone went to farm for Ro’Maeve Water and with no surprise, on the first pot we kill, I levelled up and felt relief for finally getting my favourite job up to 75.

I’ll still continue to go on EXP PTs with DRK, I need to get a good amount of buffer exp (24,000) and then switch to merit points mode and pump some stats. Looking to boost my scythe skill and critical-hits rate for now. I’ll also need to work on improving my STR gear for SATA-Spinning Slash.

To sum it up, I’m looking forward to another year of fun with everyone! 皆さん宜しくお願いします。