MacBook Air, 2 months later

It’s been 2 months since I’ve started using MacBook Air for development work.

I have not found a reason to dislike it so far.

If I really have to squeeze some out, it would be Firefox. But that is probably not Apple’s fault. (Firefox 6 hangs when I try to browse my history and other random moments). Or when you go into time machine mode, it slows down maybe because of the space effects in the background.

With SSD, everything works very fast. Startup, shutdown. Starting up software, etc.

With a 7-hour long battery life, it’s long enough for me to keep working until I’m satisfied. On my previous laptop, I had just a bit more coding to do but forced to stop because of low battery after 2 hours.

Thanks to the long battery life, I stopped shutting down. Just close the lid and next day, resume from where I stopped.

The keys are comfortable to type on. The touchpad is more sensitive than most other laptops I’ve worked with. The gestures are handy.

Love the thin size, light weight and aluminium body. Makes it amazing how they can pack 7 hours of battery life into such thin space.

Best of all, you don’t have to worry about device drivers. Apple has them all covered.

On Windows, I would have to go to every website of every device on my PC/laptop and download the latest drivers, BIOS/firmware for them if I want the best performance or bug fixes. On a Mac, the “Software Update” program will handle everything.

My previous laptop seems to have a bluetooth problem. After I updated the BIOS, it stopped booting up and Dell had to send someone down to replace the motherboard. Another problem is the USB port. It becomes ultra slow when you try to transfer a large file to a portable harddisk. I’m sure it’s not a power issue.

But it’s just 2 months. Let’s see if I can find any more problems with it.