Last Wednesday, I met up with 2 of my friends. Both around their thirties. One of them, who was my tuition teacher for math for my O levels and the other, Chemistry and Physics. We had dinner at Seoul Garden. It was my first experience there and it turned out to be just another buffet restaurant.

After dinner we went to my chemistry teacher’s home. The last time we met, he was living with his family. This time, alone! My mind went like “OH MY GOD, WHAT THE FUCK?!” [8|] . He’s living in a condo some more. [XD] . I became impressed at how nice and comfortable his home was. He painted the whole place alone himself. It had 2 rooms, one which had a comfortable sofabed and his computer, the other, the master bedroom. It had a good view since it’s located on the twelvth floor.

It was… a very motivational visit. [:)]

10.50PM: Went down to Orchard today, after work. Bought 2 volumes of Record of Lodoss War manga at Kinokuniya. Both are priced differently according to their thickness, which to me, is a very good thing. Also, volume 16 of ????. It’s a very funny manga, related to politics. Seems like my text editor can’t work with chinese text. Then, the February 2004 issue of Newtype USA. Later on, I paid Borders a visit and bought IdN. A design-related magazine. The full name is International designers Network. And a copy of PC Gamer, since I now own a very good graphic card. [XD]. But!! I spent a total of $74!! [X(]

URL Cloaking

Yes!! Learned something new! I can actually do URL Cloaking for one of my websites! URL Cloaking is just hiding the full URL from the address field in your browser. So where ever you navigate from in that page, you will see 1 URL for as long as you’re using that browser window~

URL Cloaking simply uses frames. Here’s a live example:
<title>IRC Quotes</title>
<frameset cols=100% border=0>
      <frame src=ircquotes/index.asp>

The URL:

Now to go get my daily cup of Nescafe~

The Field

There is this field opposite my secondary school. I used to lay on the grass there once before reporting for parade for Boys’ Brigade. Right now, the land has been dug up and an extravagant condominium has been built over it. Thinking back, it took 6-7 years for that condominium to finish. And I have been staying here in Ang Mo Kio, for about 10 years now.

Heh, I remember the cold quiet mornings where I walk across Bishan Park to school. I had a cassette walkman! And would either be listening to Marilyn Manson, The Offspring or Green Day. Bishan Park Secondary has changed a lot now. To the extent that it does not feel like I’ve studied there before. I believe the teachers that once taught me are no longer teaching there. Hope I can bump into them anywhere in future.

This sucks…

My first day of the Lunar New Year was spent whole day in bed. I was down for food poisoning. I kept vomitting and having diarrhoea. Couldn’t take it anymore so I phoned my mum to take me to a 24 hour clinic. The doctor’s consultation fees are $40 on Chinese New Year.[:(]. Together with the medicine, it’s a grand total of $61.

After taking the medicine, I slept for about 11 hours, despite having slept the whole day before. Feeling much better now. At least the headache and fever is gone. I looked at myself in the mirror and noticed I slimmed a bit. Haha. I didn’t eat a single grain of rice yesterday.

I assume the poisoning came from the arcade I went to. I doubt the shopkeeper ever clean his machines. After the arcade, I was eating snacks with my friend and I’m using my bare hands. He didn’t get any poisoning though. [X(]