PSP…. orz

Back in January 2005, I blogged about NDS and PSP. The pros and cons of each unit with what I know.

To summarize, the reasons I didn’t buy a PSP back then is because of the low battery life, a problem with the UMDs ejecting themselves with a bit of twist and the loading times from reading a UMD disc.

It’s been more than a year since then. And till now, there isn’t any good game for NDS. Not a single good RPG game. However, FF3 for the NDS is coming around September. So it’s the best thing for NDS so far.

Recently, after learning more about homebrew and realizing that the majority of my friends possess a PSP, and looking at all those RPG/ActionRPG games, I got tempted and went to buy a PSP.

It’s a local set, ver1.5 firmware, standard pack. Made in China. With membership at Gamescore, I paid $389 ($10 discount) for it.

I also bought Gyakuten Saiban (逆転裁判) for NDS and a Sandisk 4GB Memory Stick for $282. Could’ve gotten the Memory Stick at a cheaper price of around $250 but I was lazy to travel to Sim Lim Square from Funan IT mall.

One thing I find rather aggravating is…


So yea… I haven’t been able to start messing around with homebrew yet. 

my mog locker expires in…

274 days from the date of this post. I also chose to have it accessible from all over vana’diel.

About 57 Imperial Bronze Coins traded. [XD]

To spam trade, use the following lines in your macro. Works for 1 item trades only.

/target <stnpc>
/item "Imp. Bronze Coin" <t>

Stand in front of the mog locker NPC, hit the macro, and press enter when you see the blue cursor over it. 

a new shelf

Over the last weekend, after attending an in-game FFXI wedding, I logged off and went to prepare for the installation of a new shelf at where my main computer is. It requires drilling so there was a lot of cleaning up to do after everything was finished.

Now I don’t have to worry about mangas falling on me when I enter/leave my room.

Photo train!

First, seize this chance to vaccuum all the dust inside.

Harddisk cage.
The 3rd and 4th from the top are my beloved WD Raptors 36GB 10,000RPMs running in RAID 0.


<3 this case.

My second computer. A Shuttle XPC ST20G5.
This blog is running on this PC. I watch/download anime with this PC too.
I also have a TV Tuner card installed to watch TV or game on my PlayStation.

APC Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS). So much dust…

The new shelf!

Messy desktop. Left LCD is the web server, right LCD is the one I play FFXI on.

Both computers have been running 24/7 for more than a year. I pay 100% of the utilities expenses(SGD$100~$120) for my family by the way.

Yes… I’m a geek… But I’m enjoying it!

ABSORB-TP フォーーーーーーーーーーーー


Dark Knights can now Absorb-TP! But knowing SE, I won’t be surprised if we only absorbed 5~10% TP…. Let’s just see how it goes. It better be a scroll sold by an NPC. If it drops from a NM or something, it’s going to be sold by the millions. ( >_<)

And, we get a few other Job Traits and Abilities! Let’s take a look…


1) Dark Seal – Job Ability – 15 min recast
Like Divine Seal and Elemental Seal, this improves the accuracy of our next dark magic.

But what the heck? A recast of 15 minutes? Isn’t the recast for Divine Seal and Elemental Seal only 10 minutes? Anyway, I’m only going to spend 1 level on this.


2) Diabolic Eye – Job Ability – 15 min recast
Reduces Max HP and increases accuracy.

Looks good. But I rarely have problems hitting VTs now. May need sushi for ITs. Perhaps this is more useful for HNMs? Going 1 level on this.


3) Muted Soul – Job Trait
Reduces enmity by 10 when using Souleater.

The last few times I used souleater in sky, I didn’t get hate because of good tanks. I think I’ll pass on this. I’d like to go for more damage.


4) Desperate Blows – Job Trait
Reduces delay for 2-handed weapons when using Last Resort. Lv1 reduces delay by 5%.

Last resort lasts like 15 seconds? A really short duration. Not sure if this is even worth spending 3 merits on. But I’ll let other DRKs test it and hear their comments through KI forums first. Heh heh.


If Diabolic Eye turns out to be "not so impressive", I may just max out Desperate Blows and merit Last Resort recast. My aim is ultimately: MORE DAMAGE!

On the other hand, RDMs seems to get very good spells like Phalanx II and Bio III… If the effect is good enough, maybe we’ll see RDM tanks too? But only at lv 75.

BLM gets tier 2 ancient magic! Maybe they’ll be able to break 3000 through magic bursts?

RNG gets to merit Snapshot job trait! What’s this? Screenshots can now be taken 5% faster?

All in all, it seems like the most exciting update since I first started playing. I hope with Absorb-TP, we DRKs can get exp/merit PT invites more often.


Absorb-TP can be very awesome. Potentially overpowered. It seems to have little to no resists and the amount absorbed depends on how much the target has. I have absorbed 104% from an NM general during besieged.

The 2 new JAs and JTs require 3 merit points for the first level. I still can’t make up my mind as I want to merit dark magic first.

the wedding of Ivone and Nakira

To be honest, I forgot about the wedding too. Sorry! ( >_<)

I woke up at 8.30am that day. After staring at the sky through my window for a good 30 minutes, I got up and logged in. Members in Doom are mostly still sleeping so I switched to Sanctum LS and saw the lsmes which mentioned the wedding.


Then I rushed my way down to Windurst. While on my way, Ivone got on the LS and told me that it’s starting soon.

Everything went on pretty smoothly except for a galka mule that tried to disrupt. If only there was a special zone like dynamis. And only those who possess a rare/ex wedding invitation card can enter.

Anyways, lots of screenshots!

We we’re told to queue up.

Where the wedding took place. I forgot to ask if Ivone/Nakira chose it or the GM.

Suzulolo! Notice the special icon next to her name.

I think Ivone should be giving the chocolate and Nakira giving the soup.
Because of the saying:
"The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach."
I’ve tasted Shark’s Fin Soup (the real thing!) and believe me, it’s very, very delicious.

Fireworks, go!

Trying to arrange ourselves in a heart shape around the couple.


This means Nakira can now squeeze Ivone’s financials dry.

Playing the /random stripping game. Lowest person takes of 1 piece of visible equipment.

Congratulations to the both of you!