the few things I hate about buses


Singapore has good public transport system. We have many buses that can bring you to many places. A very intricate network of bus routes.

It’s also cheap compared to most other countries. (Not forgetting we are also paid less than most other countries.)

I’ve been taking bus 166 to work everyday for the past 2.5 years. It takes about 50 minutes to get to work from home and 60 minutes from work to home. Each travel costs $1.23 so I spend $2.46 everyday just on public transport.

What pisses me off is that somehow, those people managing the schedules find it extremely funny to send a single-deck bus instead of double-deckers during morning peak hours making it crowded and sometimes, I have to stand for 40 fucking minutes until a lot of people alight at the office areas.

And then the seats are so worn and uncomfortable that my ass hurts after sitting for 50 fucking minutes. Also, the space we have are tight.

Some of the buses are also so poorly maintained that the roof leaks during rain!

Honestly, what pissed me so much to make this entry is something that happened yesterday in a crowded single-decker, on my way home:








fucking bastard…

may cactuar send 1000 shiny needles up your ass. 

the falling standard of FFXI players

This year, I’ve noticed a lot of players performing poorly. I don’t usually complain because it’s usually 1-2 players int the PT but just this time, it’s 3. I don’t mind if it’s in the early lv20s or 40s but at lv60, you should be familiar with your job and at least eat foods!

I had an EXP PT last night on my PLD60. Setup was DRK WAR PLD RDM BLM SMN.

DRK wore AF Body and Legs. Those are pretty useless in the ATT/ACC department unless you’re soloing stuff. He didn’t eat food too. Not even a cheap bream sushi. So his WSes ended up missing most of the time. I think I saw only 5 distortions throughout the 2 hour PT. To make it worse, he kept using Absorb-CHR which pretty much doesn’t help in anything at all and is just a waste of MP.

When asked why he used Absorb-CHR, he says it’s because it worked. (I think he meant unresisted)

I gave him advice: If you can’t afford haubergeon, at least get some food like Bream Sushi which is cheap accuracy food. Don’t use Absorb-CHR because it doesn’t help at all.

He didn’t respond like a noob but more like a newb. Which is the only good thing about him I guess.

But then he casted Absorb-CHR a few battles later again! orz

I guess DRK AF Body didn’t make him look cool enough and so he wanted more CHR.


Next is the JP RDM. LV60. WITH A LEVEL 10 BLM SUB JOB!

Halfway, he fell asleep and did not respond.

Throughout the PT all he did was refresh everyone.

I examined him because I suspect he was one of those RMTs. But I guess not.

He had no earrings and wore lv10 boots and a bunch of other lv30 stat-less equipment. orz


The WAR too had a slightly underlevelled SJ. He had Japanese in his macros but I have a good feeling it’s just another NA/EU player pretending to be JP.


Hirano Aya

The seiyuu(voice actress) of Suzumiya Haruhi, Hirano Aya(平野綾), is now the second person in my favourite list of seiyuus. #1 is still Hayashibara Megumi(林原めぐみ).

Just watch this interview of her.

When she said "damedeshou, Hamada san" (3:57 of video), it felt like a tsunami just hit me straight in the face.

萌え~ (*´Д`*)ハァハァ


Here’s a bittorrent link to a high quality video of this same interview. 

Chaos Gauntlets +1

Had extreme luck with my first Temenos where the materials needed for making my AF Hands+1 dropped. And on my very first Temenos run! You need 1 synthesis material for DRK from Temenos and Apollyon. I also got my first synthesis material from Apollyon on my first run!

But of course, observing the rule of equivalent trade (Full Metal Alchemist), I had 2 NINs and 2 PLDs in my level range seeking EXP PT on Sunday night making it impossible for me to get an invite on my PLD.

I ended up re-watching FMA and played a bit of Counterstrike-Source and then went fishing in FFXI until Conquest Tally finishes.

I manage the funds of my Sky LS.

Can’t wait to merit again. Oneko! I’ll outparse your MNK!