My feelings towards FFXIV

If there’s one thing that FFXI (11) has taught us, it would be how to pre-empt things.

At every version update (VU), many people want to speculate things and make guesses at what Square-Enix (SE) will implement. A recent example I can think of is the materials needed for the new gobbiebag quests.

Many people bought up potential quest item materials before the VU and if they get it right, they make a quick fortune from selling those materials after the VU. Because the demand for them is so high it drives people to pay huge sums of gil to buy them.

Basically, at any possible money-making event, there’s always someone there finding a way to push up the cost of getting something done.

As FFXIV (14) draws closer, and as SE slowly release more news about the game, there’s already quite a number of people out there preparing for it. Forums and blogs, domain names and all have already been setup and prepared even before the game’s beta has launched.

There’s also groups of people forming end-game linkshells (clans) also. And look at me, I’m here criticizing 14 before I’ve even played the game!

I have this feeling that once beta launches, while most people spend their time enjoying the game, there will also be a lot of people finding ways to monopolize the economy in the game. There would be so much competition at various things that it would become stressful for me instead of fun.

I forsee a lot of people farming certain monsters for quest items making it difficult for myself to finish the quest. If SE makes a certain quest item sellable. Even more people would be there farming them so that they can earn gil from it.

Even though I’ve said all this, I won’t say that I will never move to 14 for sure. The bloomy (lol bloom) graphics sure look a lot better than the current Vana’diel. However at the moment, I don’t have the slightest desire to play 14 unless everyone in my end-game linkshell in 11 decides to move over. Love those guys.