So much hate to the point it just seems silly

TL;DR: Buy things that suit your needs well and shut the hell up unless someone asks for your opinion.

I don’t mind when people bash Apple’s products if they have good reason.

But nowadays people are doing it simply because it’s cool to do so.

It hurts a little when you’re targeted because of the other fanatics who believe in the same brand as you do, and yet you’re not as extreme as them.

Now I know how some Christians feel when I used to show my dislike towards their religion. (This happened during the days when I was young and foolish!)

Because these situations are so similar.

I used to dislike Christianity because of some extreme believers pushing their beliefs onto me, but then I learned that not all Christians are like that.

Hey, I’m just a regular guy who’s eager to give up his money for products that work well, for content that entertains me well, for services that serve me well.

Louis CK said it best. Everything’s amazing, nobody’s happy.