Life on a weekday

When I don’t have any appointments after work, life for me usually goes like this.

6:40am: wake up and prepare for work

7:35am: leave for work

8:40am: breakfast at Maxwell Food Center

9am: report for work

6pm: leave office

6:30pm: find some place near office for dinner and start working on personal projects like TTTO.

9:30pm: laptop’s battery goes flat after 2 hours, time to go home!

10:30pm: simple workout at home for about 20 minutes.

10:50pm: play FFXI or watch anime.

12am~1am:  sleep

Dynamis-Tav excitement

First dynamis after the December 2010 Version Update. One item in the VU notes mention an adjustment to drop rates in Dynamis, another mentioned how the Treasure Hunter job trait got revamped. Coupled together with another TH tier from THF LV90 and AF3 THF shoes that give another TH tier, I expected relics to rain.

But our only THF, whom I’m sure has all of the above , wasn’t there last night. ( T-T)

Oh well, let’s see how it goes.

First 60 minutes saw absolutely no AF drop.

Then afterwards, 1 AF dropped, then another, then -1s started flowing in in pairs. Hydra equipment too, rained.

With 10 minutes left on the clock, we went for Diabolos. Out of 4, we aggroed 3.

The battle became pretty epic for us.

People were charmed, people died, and it eventually came down to a MNK and me (DRK) and half the alliance mostly weakened, facing 2 diabolos, 1 with about 5% HP and the other at 50% (they begin at 50%). Both of us have less than 200HP, both of us /NIN.

The MNK tanked both Diabolos while we whittled down the 5% one, WHM would occasionally throw a Cure V as soon as she could get enough MP, but it was quickly reduced down when Diabolos uses a WS.

1 Diabolos left.

I execute my WS, grab hate and shadow tanked a bit.

My epic moment came when I had 100+ HP, Utsu:2 wasn’t ready, 1 shadow left.

I start casting Utsu:1.

Lost 1 shadow, Utsu:1 still casting.

Parried the next attack which would’ve killed me and finished my Utsu:1 casting.

Managed to hold on a bit longer till the MNK could grab hate and take over the tanking and we continued taking turns tanking and managed to take it down.

We got our first clear. :D