Japan 2010

Had a short chat with a JP friend in-game in FFXI. I’ve not spoken with him in a long time besides exchanging “good night!”s.

He says he’s going to Tokyo next year to work as a programmer.

And so I said to him, “Shall we meet in Tokyo next year?”. To which he agreed.

So yea, I’ve begun making plans for another trip to Japan next year!

I’m going to invite a few more people who’ve been in the same Sky LS as me, a few years ago, and who also stay near or in Tokyo. Want to try and form a party of 6. Haha

I’m thinking of going to the Tokyo Game Show 2010. But I also want to go there on a season that’s cold like my first trip there back in November 2007. I think that was just the beginning of winter?

This time, I’ll make sure to visit a “real” maid cafe!

Vana life update

It’s been a year since I’ve started working on Aegis. Thanks to everyone who’ve donated and friends who’ve offered to sell me dynamis currencies at generous discounts, I’m about halfway there.

Just traded in 6000 dynamis currencies and got my Ancile a few weeks ago. I did a quick mental calculation of the cost it took to get Ancile and the result is a scary 67.5 million gil. :O

To get to the last stage, I would need 7000 ordelle bronzepieces. Which would cost around 70 million. Thus, it would probably take another year for me to finish it.

Right now I’m at 500/7000. Aiming to finish it before November 2010.

I’ve also acquired a nice looking piece of armor, Koenig Cuirass. Love the color scheme. Goes well with my other Homam parts except the head. :D

Trigger Happy

Last Saturday, my colleagues are celebrating my boss’s birthday at Sentosa.

Finally a chance to take photos on my D80 again. I’ve been neglecting it for more than 2 months.

I took like 200 photos. Most of them overexposed when I used my 50mm prime lens at f/1.4, Aperture priority. I’ll need to start learning how to work with the different metering modes.

Also, when taking shots on 2 people, one of them got out of focus because of the thin depth-of-field.

Still a lot to learn!