Japan 2010

Had a short chat with a JP friend in-game in FFXI. I’ve not spoken with him in a long time besides exchanging “good night!”s.

He says he’s going to Tokyo next year to work as a programmer.

And so I said to him, “Shall we meet in Tokyo next year?”. To which he agreed.

So yea, I’ve begun making plans for another trip to Japan next year!

I’m going to invite a few more people who’ve been in the same Sky LS as me, a few years ago, and who also stay near or in Tokyo. Want to try and form a party of 6. Haha

I’m thinking of going to the Tokyo Game Show 2010. But I also want to go there on a season that’s cold like my first trip there back in November 2007. I think that was just the beginning of winter?

This time, I’ll make sure to visit a “real” maid cafe!

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