life as an semi-otaku

Although I’m not a real otaku. I believe I share the same level of passion like them. There’s so many fun things to do out there for me. But so little time. *this is where I mention a pill that allows people to stay awake for days without sleep*


So much to watch, and with my new ADSL2 10Mbps line, I’m downloading new stuff faster than I can finish watching them. AH! I forgot I wanted to watch Sentou Yousei Yukikaze over the weekend!

For now, I’m currently crazy over plane mechas like the Macross Valkyries or the cool planes in Yukikaze.

Model kits:
Thanks to Macross Zero, I’ve been wanting to get hold of one of them planes. I was down at Sunshine Plaza last Saturday and found a VF-0S kit, imported from Japan going for $50SGD. But due to my lack of painting skills, I decided to hold back. I was hoping to find something nice and cheap to play around painting with.

There seems to be a certain Mr. Nakamoto who teaches air brush painting for just $50. Paint, accessories provided for the training. There are many positive comments about his service. I’ve asked for more details about him.

I don’t know if I want to purchase an airbrush kit because there’s no space left in my room for me to pick up this new hobby.  

The estimated price of PS3 was announced to members of Gamescore. $1399 for the 20GB model, $1599 for the 60GB model. This price is too crazy for me. Perhaps I’ll get the PS2 mini instead. Still pondering. Games I want to play on the PS2: FFX, FFX-2, FF12, Silent Hill, Fatal Frame. The reason I’m holding back is because of FFXI, I may end up leaving my PS2 untouched for months.

I want to play more of FFXI. Need more merits for my DRK and parrying skill ups for my PLD. But thanks to my unstable internet connection, I won’t be meritting for a while unless with friends and only doing assault, dynamis, sky, mission, limbus events with friends. A lot of time is spent here doing these.

PSP keeps me occupied during my trip to and from work, Playing Gyakuten Saiban 2 on NDS to relax before I sleep.

Oh, and FF3DS, US version, is coming soon in about 2 weeks! 

I want to watch "Death Note" and "Sinking of Japan"! But… no time… orz

There’s also a few DVDs that I bought but haven’t watched. 

Because of all you friends out there from all over the world that I’ve made through a Mass Multiplayer Online RPG, Final Fantasy 11, I’ve ben itching to get a digital camera and take pictures of sights around Singapore and show them to you guys. Places that aren’t tourist attractions, places that are not noticed by the general public.

But a good digicam is worth $800. About 400 plates of delicious yet simple chicken rice…

Also, I forsee myself leaving the camera unused for months. So I’m also holding back for a while. I lack photography skills too.

A lot of beautiful sights can never be captured on film. The atmosphere for example. A beautiful scene must be appreciated along with the atmosphere. (Am I making sense here?)

I need to tidy up my room. Books, papers, CDs all over the place. >_>

My major problem is dust. It seems that does accumulates very fast in my room. Is this normal? Is there anything I can do to reduce dust accumulation? 

I may apply for a few days off work next week to catch up on all the things I want to do. Whether or not they benefit me for the future, I just want to have fun while I’m still young. You never know when you’re gonna die!

As I write today’s entry, I’ve decided to go get the Macross VF-0S plane first before someone else gets it. When I saw that box, it was the only 1 left on the shelf!

Amir boots rock but ugly

Back before the Aht Urhgan expansion was released, I was quite frustrated with my accuracy in EXP PTs that I wanted to buy Cursed Sollerets -1 for the Armada Sollerets. Thank god I didn’t.

Because the new expansion introduced Assault. And one of the rewards is a pair of Amir Boots, Accuracy+6 and Attack+5, a lot better than Armada solleret’s Accuracy+4, Attack+6, MND-11.

MND is also an important attribute for Guillotine WS.

Anyways, I finally got my Amir Boots. Costs 20,000 assault points from the Mamool Ja category.

But the one thing I hate is, it makes me look very ugly. Here’s a comparison.


So right now, I’m wearing Tracker’s Kecks to hide these new boots.


Thick Breeches (ACC+2, ATT+5) + Adaman Sollerets(ACC+3, ATT+5) = ACC+5, Attack+10

Tracker’s Kecks(ATT+6) + Amir Boots(ACC+6, ATT+5) = ACC+6, Attack+11

So in the end, it’s not so bad if I go with the new combo. Tracker’s kecks look sexy anyway. But I’ll still bring along my thick breeches for HNM fights like Kirin.

Since I’m an accuracy whore, I’m hoping to get Homam Cosciales(ACC+3, Haste+3%) in future.

Looks much better right?

this sucks

After my line got upgraded to ADSL2, I didn’t have problems for about a week or 2. Until recently, I’m getting a lot of disconnections. Mainly an unstable ADSL signal. Second time now. I’ve already called Singnet and they will send a technician to do a line test this Saturday morning.

However, what worries me most is the problem occurs randomly. Sometimes, it’s stable for a few hours. Sometimes, I get disconnected every 3 minutes. So I’m afraid when the technician comes, the line just happens to be stable and he leaves saying there’s nothing wrong.

It’s becoming very frustrating especially when I’m playing FFXI.


new pillow~

I bought a new pillow and I like it very much!

Hugging the new pillow while on the bus back home.

The old one was too flat and I find myself turning around a lot to get into a comfortable position to fall asleep.

The new one has a contour that supports the neck well. It’s called an Orthopedic pillow by the way (no idea what it means). Bought it for SGD$30 (About 15USD?).

It’s been only 2 nights but I’ve noticed myself sleeping and waking up easier with this new support pillow.

Totally unrelated photo!

fun with Google Maps

This is where I stay.

To the south is a park, named Bishan Park. That dark green patch is actually a pond/whateveryoucallthat. And erm… Nothing else interesting. lol

Red dot marks the spot.

Click here for the Google link.

For those of you who aren’t afraid to be stalked, feel free to locate your neighbourhood in Google maps and post the link in the comments of this entry!

To copy the link, right click on "Link to this page" and copy the link there. It’s located above the top right corner of the map.