First off, a bit of Kirin and reviewing my DRK.

The last Kirin I fought turned out to be pretty much the same as before the new group 2 merits were released. Diabolic Eye and Feint (used by a THF) helped a little. I ate Sole Sushi and still can’t hit well. I haven’t got my Amir Boots (+6 accuracy) though.

My spinning slashes average at around 850. Ranges from 700 to 1000.

This is why I meritted Great Sword to lv8 instead of Scythe.

Hee hee

I also hit PLD75 over the weekend in about 2~3 exp sessions. I honestly never expected to hit 75 this soon. I was expecting around early 2007. But thanks to a JP friend who static-ed with me, he easily formed PTs and we were off on EXP PTs going at 6000~8000exp/hour.

Sometimes, he would come as PLD/NIN and we have a strong skillchain SATAed on him. Thus, I ended up with uncapped shield skill. We’ll still be exping some more. Need buffer.

Oriental Travel scam

A few months ago, I received a few phonecalls from Oriental Travel saying I’ve won their lucky draw which is a trip to Thailand and a few other free gifts. I rejected their offer because at that time, I don’t really like travelling.

Then they would slam the phone on you rudely.

I think I’ve received a total of 3 calls.

Then for the 3rd call, when asked for my age and occupation, I replied "14, student". The caller said, "ok thanks" and slammed the phone.

Just now when reading a friend’s blog, one entry sounded like she was going to get scammed. Which made me remember this incident. Thus, I went to search HWZ forums and came up with 2 threads.

HWZ Forums thread #1

HWZ Forums thread #2

I’m surprised. Those were exactly what happened to me. I recall the person saying that I have to attend a 2 hour presentation in order to collect my prize.

My lack of interest in travelling overseas back then and addiction to FFXI saved me from scam.

Scamming is slowly becoming a serious problem here in Singapore. My mother’s friend already received 2 mails from overseas (the stamps were in euros) saying she won a lottery worth a few hundred thousand US dollars but need to first give them a few thousand USD to proccess the transaction.

So yea, be very careful when you receive a phonecall saying you won a lucky draw prize but you don’t rememebr when you participated in any lucky draw. 

a peep into my life – ep 4

Delicious, spicy, fragrant asam fish. Cooked by my mum. Soft juicy fish meat.

I bought a bunch of The Pillows album. I like this band a lot.

I also bought albums by Go! Go! 7188, Fairy Fore and Penicillin. They are very good rock bands!

Also grabbed the OST for Final Fantasy 3 DS. This is the first Final Fantasy game I played. Back then, I played it on the Famicom platform and it was in Japanese. But somehow I managed to play through a few levels (Weird eh?) and I liked the gameplay. I guess this is how I ended up liking RPGs a lot.

I’m very glad SquareEnix is remaking in the game. This time in 3D and with CG cutscenes and for the NDS and in English! 

Lastly, owe money, pay money! ヽ(`Д´)ノ



After like 5 or 6 years of 256kbps/512kbps ADSL internet, I’m finally moving on to 10Mbps ADSL2+.

The activation date is on the 13th of October 2006, Friday. There will be downtime as they upgrade my line to ADSL2. On the next day in the morning, a Singnet representative will come down and give me my ADSL2+ modem router and configure it for my PCs but I intend to just tell him to leave and I’ll configure it myself.

10Mbps, roughly 20 times faster than what I have now. My upload speeds will be 1Mbps, 4 times faster than what I have.

Excited, I am. More harddisk space, I need.