Kotoko - Uzu-Maki

I downloaded the MP3s for this album to sample it.

It’s great. moe+1

But I want to accumulate more albums-to-buy at cdjapan before placing an order. I have 2 albums on my "saved items" list and it’s not worth paying for shipping costs for just 2 CD albums.
↑ 翻訳できませーーん 【許してください】

Any other good recommendations?
*looks at Zeek, Ryuhi and Mardi*
いい歌手/アルバム知ってる? なんかお薦めを!

My favourite songs from this album:

4- Haru – 春
5 – Shasou no Shirabe – 車窓の調べ
12 – Goodbye Dear

Album details at CDJapan. アルバムの詳細はこちらへ
English 英語
Japanese 日本語

Taiwan earthquakes

A series of earthquakes near Taiwan damaged a few undersea telecommunication cables.

With those cables down, connections to a lot of oversea servers are affected. I have difficulties trying to logon to FFXI myself. Gmail sites and lot of other sites are unaccessible.

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merry christmas~

Well, most of my friends and I are bored of Christmas celebrations already. We don’t feel excited when Christmas comes.

Orchard road is crowded. Too damn crowded. My friend suspects it’s the Christian theme going on over there that occupies half the pavement that’s worsening the situation.

Anyway, on Christmas eve, I met up with my poly friends. We had dinner at Ang Mo Kio’s Seoul Garden. Indoor table barbeque, buffet style. There’s lots of different kinds of meat with different kinds of flavors for you to choose. Chicken, beef, turkey. All raw. You grab any amount you want and bring it back to your table to cook it.

There was coffee chicken but it was too sweet. I suggest consuming only small amounts of this. Too much will make you feel sick. At least for me. 

If you grab too much and can’t finish, you’ll be fined SGD$5 for every 100 grams of wasted meat.

After dinner, we drove down to Bishan’s Junction 8 where we watched Death Note 2 at 11pm. It ended around 1.30am. It’s so convenient to own a car (but maintenance is expensive).

I’ve never watched the first Death Note movie but I just went along and watched it. I’ve read the manga so it’s ok. I think the manga is better than the movie.


the longest rain of 2006

So the rain lasted more than 30 hours.

A lot of places were flooded. Along the corridors outside my office, the drainage holes on the floor where rain was supposed to flow into, had water gushing out instead.

A lot of other places were flooded.

But I had a very comfortable night’s sleep. :D

Then the worst part came. Today morning, I waited almost an hour for my bus no. 166. The one I take to work everyday. Then I gave up waiting and crossed over to the other side to take other busses to get to the train station. On this other side, 3 of the 166 busses came.

I guess the flood was so bad last night the drivers could not drive the busses back to the Ang Mo Kio Bus Interchange to stand by for the next morning.

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I love the rain a lot

… even if it makes travelling to work and back home difficult.

It’s been raining for the past 24 hours. With a few short breaks of less than an hour.

It’s flooding everywhere now.