a dream of life after death?

I had a very pleasant dream and I can recall a few things about it. It felt like it was how life after death would be.

I bought a pastry for $6.20. It was delicious. As I chewed, I had my eyes closed and it felt I was falling down in a dark place slowly. When I finished, I told the French Patissier "It’s good! I’ll be back for more." to which he replied "pleasure" (can’t remember clearly).

Then I met my pet dog who passed away many years ago. He grew a little larger and had grown very beautiful fur. In my dream I recalled the places I used to talk him for a walk to (I’m quite sure it was along Kovan Road).

He had a child too, and looks very beautiful.

Lastly, I found myself in a place where I suppose games(not electronic games) were played and there were a lot of bite-sized foods placed for people to eat freely. It was like a huge roman-style palace. I looked down could see many huge golden bowls very far away below. It was a magnificent sight. People were relaxing and watching the games below. 

Then I woke up to my alarm clock ringing. I sat down and tried to recall everything, replaying what I saw in my dream, picking up bits and pieces along the way before I forget them and started writing this entry.

recent happenings

Lots of things are happening around me.

Firstly, construction has begun in my block. They’re upgrading the elavators that are more than 10 years old to new ones and they’re breaking holes in the walls so the elevators will now stop at every floor.

They’ve recently just begun and the estimated finishing time is the 3rd quarter of 2007. Wow…

Because of them breaking holes in the walls, there’s been a lot of dust floating around. On day 1, when I reached home after work, I noticed dust on my computer desk. The desk is black so it’s easy to see. Now I close the windows and my bedroom door before I leave for work.


I’ve decided to get a digital camera. A Canon Ixus 800. About $629 SGD. And there’s some freebies like a 512MB and a 1GB SD card. Promotional poster here. I’ll need to get a tripod too, to take nice quality pictures.


I forgot about signing up for Japanese lessons! But perhaps, this might be a good chance for me to consider another school, Bunka Language Private School. They seem to be famous for conducting fast and effective lessons.

3 hours a week, total of 8 lessons. And I can choose either Tuesday or Thursday which is friendly to my busy schedule. I hope to start around March or April 2007 because….

I’m planning to go back to Malaysia during Chinese New Year in February 2007! The main reason is to escape work and FFXI. It will also be a good chance to relax and eat lots of delicious food.

The best thing about visiting my relatives in Malaysia is that we go out in a big group every night for dinner. 

Haha, seems like I will have to postpone my plans for visiting Japan to Nov/Dec 2007. I need to accumulate enough days of vacation first to apply for leave. 

SQL puzzle

Can you solve this puzzle?

Comments table:

id entry_id name comment
1 10 wyred tra lala
2 10 bobby boo hoohoo
3 10 teddy lol
4 12 wyred roflcopter
5 13 wyred pong!
6 10 wyred stfu!

id = primary key, auto increment
entry_id = id of the blog entry

Target Result:

Name Comment Total no. of Comments posted
wyred tra lala 4
bobby boo hoohoo 1
teddy lol 1
wyred stfu! 4

Can you come up with an SQL statement that retrieves all the comments for the entry of entry_id=10?

For each user that was retrieved, also calculate the sum of comments he’s made in total.

All this to be done in 1 SQL statement.


Should have done backups!

I was tweaking the database when I changed the datatype of my comments field from TINYTEXT to MEDIUMINT, I wanted MEDIUMTEXT.

So yea, the change in datatype cause me to lose 265 of the latest comments posted on my blog. I managed to find an old backup of the database but it was very old. Sigh…

*goes off to perform backups*