merry christmas~

Well, most of my friends and I are bored of Christmas celebrations already. We don’t feel excited when Christmas comes.

Orchard road is crowded. Too damn crowded. My friend suspects it’s the Christian theme going on over there that occupies half the pavement that’s worsening the situation.

Anyway, on Christmas eve, I met up with my poly friends. We had dinner at Ang Mo Kio’s Seoul Garden. Indoor table barbeque, buffet style. There’s lots of different kinds of meat with different kinds of flavors for you to choose. Chicken, beef, turkey. All raw. You grab any amount you want and bring it back to your table to cook it.

There was coffee chicken but it was too sweet. I suggest consuming only small amounts of this. Too much will make you feel sick. At least for me. 

If you grab too much and can’t finish, you’ll be fined SGD$5 for every 100 grams of wasted meat.

After dinner, we drove down to Bishan’s Junction 8 where we watched Death Note 2 at 11pm. It ended around 1.30am. It’s so convenient to own a car (but maintenance is expensive).

I’ve never watched the first Death Note movie but I just went along and watched it. I’ve read the manga so it’s ok. I think the manga is better than the movie.


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  1. Damn wish I had a resturaunt like that, best we have is a place called Mongoly grill where you put lots of raw ingredients into a bowl and they cook it on a giant table in the lobby and bring it to you, I wish you could add sauce after it’s cooked too though~ I don’t think they let you. Depending on the cook makes the food a bit bland sometimes.

  2. *gasp* Is that what they call a “Korean barbeque”?! OMG, there used to be one an hour from where I live at (atm). Little bowls of pickled veggies all over, bowls of rice, and the servers would help you cook your meat in a little grill in the center of the table. OMG, freakin’ most awesome stuff in the world!! (xD)

    Now there’s a Quizno’s there. (=p)

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