Yay, bought my new graphics card!! It’s not being pushed to the max because of the slow CPU I’m on. [:(] . But I’m making bids for a new one online at HardWareZone’s forums. So far, 2 people before me have placed $60, $70 bid respectively so I had no choice but to bid $80, which is a very good price according to an IRC friend. The auction starter decides to run this auction for 2 weeks! [:(]

I had to downclock my CPU back to it’s original speed. The Hercules Radeon 9800PRO does not seem to work well with my FSB going at 110MHz. It’s now back at 100MHz. This means a slower CPU and I’m already beginning to see my codes in this weblog of mine, taking a little bit more time to process. From the articles I read on the net, every millisecond is crucial in running a frequently visited site such as google.com or yahoo’s. Every millisecond spells a huge difference in overall performance.

Argh…. I just can’t wait to get hold of the new CPU… That is if I manage to win the bid… [:|]

Lineage II

Have been spending lots of time playing this new MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game). It’s very fun. The camera controls are very good compared to Dungeon Siege. The environment is very absorbing. Everything is well done. [XD] . Makes me yearn for my new graphic card even more. Hope I get my pay before Chinese New Year~

Here’s a few screenshots of my character, a male elf. I chose the path of spellcaster.

The funny thing about this game is, when female elves cast spells, their skirts get blown up and you can see their underwear. Gotta get a screenshot of that too.  [X)]

Here’s the upskirt screenshot! And the next one is with my friends. We formed a party and explored a dungeon. Sitting down to rest allows our health and mana to heal faster.

During the visit to the dungeon, I realised that the distance of the camera is limited to how big the room is. Example, if I were to stand 1 metre with my back facing the wall, and with my camera view default to behind my character, I would be looking at my character’s head from a distance of 1 metre and I can’t zoom out any further because of the damn Koreans who programmed this. Or should I blame the developers of Unreal Tournament 2003? I heard the 3D engine (the system that generates the 3D objects/world) behind Lineage 2 was borrowed from UT2K3.

I would also like to emphasize on the graphic detail on the spider (4th pic). It was a well done texture for that spider. Just can’t wait till I get my new graphic card. Arrrhhhh

Upgrades upgrades upgrades…

After some thinking, I wanted to get an AthlonXP 1800+ CPU to make 100% use of the resources available. Currently the bottleneck is the CPU. It runs at 100FSB but my ram can support 133FSB. The difference may be big. Thus, after work, I went down to SimLim Square but none of the shops carry the chip I was looking for anymore. [:(] Sigh…

For the rest of the evening, I went to Bugis Junction again. Roamed the area and visited the arcades.

They had a new soccer game that involved trading cards. The player lays them out on the board of the machine. Each card represents a football player that’ll be used in the game. Everyone is required to buy a $15 dollar starter deck. It has quite a few cards and a Manager card which stores your information of each game you’ve played. And if I’m not wrong, if you win a game, the machine will dispense a football player card.

Then I tried the new driving game, Outrun 2. It was easy to drift and control. It seems that looking at others play, they seem to be driving very fast. But when I played the game myself, it looks normal. Perhaps I’m just using automatic shift and the rest, manual. Manual has a max speed of 300km/h and auto, 288km/h.

I was unable to have dinner anywhere. All the fast food restaurants are crowded with people. Even if I manage to find a seat, I am unable to buy my dinner. If I go ahead and buy my dinner, someone will take my seat. [:(] . I ended up having a cup of chocolate milkshake from the shop just next to the escalator that leads down to the arcade. Surprisingly, for the rest of the night, I didn’t feel a bit hungry. I only had a heavy lunch.


Damn ISP. Partly my fault but fuck them anyways.

The next day after trying out their 1500 plan, I logged on to their website to check my usage stats. Surprisingly, I had downloaded 230MB instead of the 180MB anime video I downloaded. Assuming it was partly because of my web surfing, I could never have viewed 70MB worth of websites in just that short period of time! So assuming they calculated the data I’ve uploaded, which pretty much sucks since the upload speed is the same as my original 512kbps plan.

Next problem, it showed on their website, 10cents per MB downloaded. And I had to pay $23. So just in case it was a minor error, I emailed them regarding both matters. Received a reply this morning. They pointed out that it was stated in the promotion email that it’s only 1cents for the first 100MB downloaded. For this, I blame myself for not paying attention. And they say the amount of data uploaded will not be charged, which I am too disappointed with them to further pursue the matter.

Still, they suck. Paying $14 for 230MB of data. [>(]

Wheeee!! Graphical smilies!!

Okae! I created some graphical smilies during work. Just to add some spice to my entries. [XD]

Seems like the extra processing power required to process the entries is slowing down the script a little. Let’s see how it goes… [:)]