Lineage II

Have been spending lots of time playing this new MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game). It’s very fun. The camera controls are very good compared to Dungeon Siege. The environment is very absorbing. Everything is well done. [XD] . Makes me yearn for my new graphic card even more. Hope I get my pay before Chinese New Year~

Here’s a few screenshots of my character, a male elf. I chose the path of spellcaster.

The funny thing about this game is, when female elves cast spells, their skirts get blown up and you can see their underwear. Gotta get a screenshot of that too.  [X)]

Here’s the upskirt screenshot! And the next one is with my friends. We formed a party and explored a dungeon. Sitting down to rest allows our health and mana to heal faster.

During the visit to the dungeon, I realised that the distance of the camera is limited to how big the room is. Example, if I were to stand 1 metre with my back facing the wall, and with my camera view default to behind my character, I would be looking at my character’s head from a distance of 1 metre and I can’t zoom out any further because of the damn Koreans who programmed this. Or should I blame the developers of Unreal Tournament 2003? I heard the 3D engine (the system that generates the 3D objects/world) behind Lineage 2 was borrowed from UT2K3.

I would also like to emphasize on the graphic detail on the spider (4th pic). It was a well done texture for that spider. Just can’t wait till I get my new graphic card. Arrrhhhh

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