Yay, bought my new graphics card!! It’s not being pushed to the max because of the slow CPU I’m on. [:(] . But I’m making bids for a new one online at HardWareZone’s forums. So far, 2 people before me have placed $60, $70 bid respectively so I had no choice but to bid $80, which is a very good price according to an IRC friend. The auction starter decides to run this auction for 2 weeks! [:(]

I had to downclock my CPU back to it’s original speed. The Hercules Radeon 9800PRO does not seem to work well with my FSB going at 110MHz. It’s now back at 100MHz. This means a slower CPU and I’m already beginning to see my codes in this weblog of mine, taking a little bit more time to process. From the articles I read on the net, every millisecond is crucial in running a frequently visited site such as google.com or yahoo’s. Every millisecond spells a huge difference in overall performance.

Argh…. I just can’t wait to get hold of the new CPU… That is if I manage to win the bid… [:|]

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